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(Saturday July 31, 2021)

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Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :86%            Your HEALTH indice :81%
Your MONEY indice :78%            Your WORK indice :75%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :62%            Your HOBBIES indice :59%
GLOBAL :   74%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   82%

A young person with whom you have a very strong emotional connection should seriously consider separating from the person he/she is in a relationship with. We are speaking here about a young person who is close to you and who is very talented in his/her field (work or the arts) but who is somewhat introverted regarding his/her private life. He/she does not confide much in others and he/she handles most of his/her difficulties in secret. His/her love relationship is relatively new but it is already unhealthy. He/she should end it because the other party constantly infantilises it and verbal abuse is already apparent. He/she can certainly not maintain this loving bond for very long because certain words (spoken by the other party) make it known that unacceptable (or immoral) (or even violent) actions are coming soon. Harmony really does not exist in this relationship and a breakup is inevitable, even necessary (perhaps sudden and hasty). This relationship clearly is not viable and will also cause your friend considerable financial losses.

You will have an affair or a significant one-on-one with someone from your workplace. Otherwise, it will be someone in connection with your work or with an activity to which you devote much of your time. It will come about rather suddenly and unpredictably. You will go out with her/him outside your work hours or busy hours (or else you will meet him/her by chance, outside your work hours or busy hours). One thing will quickly lead to another. This person is older than you. He/she is a perfectionist in everything he/she does, and he/she is also very affectionate toward you (friendship, warmth of feeling, etc.). He/she is skilled in math, and he/she probably works with numbers (business, accounting, financial statements or the like). You have known him/her for a long time, but your relationship has never really developed beyond anything out of the ordinary. Although there will be an unexpected coming together between the two of you, this person is not new to your circle of friends or acquaintances. You are on familiar terms with him/her, and you know one another well. Oddly enough, this person has always been attracted to you, yet he/she has never really shown it in a clear way. You will experience enormous surprise when you are out with him/her, for you have probably always thought that this person had no interest in you. And yet, you will learn (or discover) the opposite.

You must show leadership (demonstrate your wisdom). One person in particular needs supervising and protecting, and you must guide them (spiritual, intellectual or psychological guidance). You need to have a strong personality, even though you need to be benevolent. You have the power to stimulate decision-making and you can effect changes. You have grown a lot in wisdom over the years and you have to (continue to) share it with the people around you (your community, but above all those that really deserve it). You are someone important to a lot of people, so it is up to you not to disappoint them. You are capable of great things, so you do not have to worry about what you can accomplish. You are the best person to make the right decisions...
You are going to meet a new person who is very reliable and very sincere. This person is a woman and, over the years, she is destined to become a very close friend. The first contact you will have with her will take place over a meeting you will have with someone in your family (or someone very close to you). On this occasion, you will receive a gift or money (or you will get a pleasant surprise). This woman is intelligent and she leads a relatively easy life (financially and professionally). However, she feels directly affected by everything that takes place in the world and this sometimes makes her quite worried about the misery that some people (in conflicts or in situations of extreme poverty) experience. In her personal life, she is quickly offended by social inequalities and, when she gets the opportunity, she doesn't hesitate to denounce them. She is probably connected, in one way or another, to a community or humanitarian organization that helps the poor. This woman will develop a very deep affection towards you. You can certainly confide in her when you feel the need and she will doubtlessly be one of your best friends on Earth. Despite the ups and downs you will experience, accept her into your life and you will not regret it.

An interview will be advantageous for you (conversation, discussion) (analysis, opinion, advice, exchange of views, etc.). You will have to consult someone more experienced than you (more specialised or better informed) on a professional level. You will need an expert opinion to see through (or complete) a project. You are entering into a critical phase of a long process and everything is becoming very technical. Precise and detailed information is essential to keep up the process and gain time. One person is ideal for this and will make him/herself available to you.

A benefit is coming through a new area of skills or expertise. A different job or a new activity that you are about to begin (or that you have been doing for a short time) will be good for you (mentally and physically) and will give you a great zest for life. It is a matter here of a new professional or social direction. By the way, we are talking of a new life path in general. You will make the acquaintance of new people and you will become familiar with a new area (environment). Your new path will be very different from what was before and it will open the door to you to new (more interesting) possibilities for the future. You will become a more radiant and blossoming person. You will be transformed.
You will make the acquaintance of a new person. This will happen during an event of a social nature. This is an event that is held regularly and which usually brings together a large number of people (annual meeting, party or something similar). This person will be very interested in you. You will, though, have difficulty believing in this possibility. You will have the impression that it’s a game (that he/she enjoys seducing everyone, beginning with you). Yes, this person will make you uncomfortable, but you will eventually accept his/her presence (his/her interest in you). We are speaking here about someone who deliberately seeks to establish contact with you. Moreover, his/her approach will be fruitful, because he/she will actually manage to succeed in highlighting the points you have in common. You will probably be surprised by his/her insistence, but nonetheless you will be flattered to see him/her so anxious to remain with you. You will appreciate his/her friendliness and you will spend a pleasant time with him/her. This person will be truly attracted to you and you will succumb to his/her charm (or to his/her desire to be with you). A relationship will form between the two of you and one that will clearly continue after this event.

Somebody is engaged in inappropriate or rude gestures towards your beloved. Here, we are talking about someone who knows the person you love and who allows him/herself to be insolent towards him/her. Mainly, these are gestures or words of a sexual nature. In the past, he/she has been more or less intimate with the person that you love and, since that time, he/she thinks that anything is allowed with regard to him/her. He/she is deliberately seeking to keep him/her away from you or prevent him/her from fully living his/her love life (to realize his/her dreams). This person is probably a former friend or a former boy/girlfriend. His/her gestures are shocking and degrading. An event is coming (a get-together with friends, a party, a reception, a birthday, a party or other) and he/she is getting ready to make a contemptuous gesture in front of everybody. This person wants to destabilize the one you love and, unfortunately, he/she is succeeding in this.

You will find common ground with a person opposed to one of your projects. This person is a woman somewhat younger than you. She holds an opinion contrary to yours in terms of a financial transaction. She is associated with you on the professional level. It is probably a colleague at work, or a very good friend with whom you entertain a business relationship on a regular basis. Your affective relationship is sincere, and you share the same level of spiritual evolution. As a rule, she has confidence in you and she takes a lot of motivation from you. This time, however, she is in complete disagreement with you and she has decided to stop you in your endeavours. She is stubborn; therefore you will have to be perceptive vis-à-vis her. Whatever it is all about, you are fortunate, as this women is about to commit a decisive error. Her mistake will prove you right. You will also benefit from the support of an influential person during the conclusion of this business matter.
Someone is interested in having a love affair with you, but everything has to be done with great discretion. This relationship must remain secret. This person wants you but she/he is afraid of scandal. She/he would like to have a date with you, but on condition that everything is organised with prudence and extreme discretion. In fact, this person is trying to put an end to his/her current relationship, but nothing has yet been done.

Someone is trying to get in touch with you. This could be a person close to you who cannot seem to be open with you, but it is more likely that it is a person who is physically distant. Either the distance is an obstacle, or else there is a marginal or inexplicable bond that connects you both. The meeting that you will have to have with this person appears to be crucial. This person has important things to tell you. You know him/her but something separates you. Communication between the two of you cannot be established properly (or effectively). Pay close attention because it is possible that this person is not from our material world. You must, therefore, clearly consider the possibility that this is an entity from the beyond (your God, an angel, a spirit, a supernatural guide, a deceased person, etc.).

You are getting ready to leave. You took this decision in all certainty and you know now that you have to make it happen. Your decision will have a major impact on the ways things will work out in the future. You must pay attention to the smallest details because there is no turning back. Someone is preoccupied and sad to see you go even if he/she has known for a while now that your departure is inevitable. Someone will offer you an opportunity that is too good to refuse and you are aware that it really is a gift of life. However, this move is not really a separation for you but a step in the right direction. You must forge ahead because it is a matter of ambition and personal development.

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