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(Saturday July 31, 2021)

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You need to leave a person behind you. This person is more or less your age. You need to leave and to let him/her get by without you. You have to stop worrying about him/her. You do not need to constantly complicate your life because of him/her. It is not a question here of being selfish, but of being realistic. You have largely done everything you could do for him/her and you absolutely do not need to feel guilty about anything at all. This person is indebted to you in many respects, but will never admit it (even if he/she knows it). You have involved yourself greatly for him/her, but you do not need to do everything in his/her place. This person does not appreciate you for your true value and this is more than obvious. Be reasonable, because you need to think about yourself now. Okay, life is an endless test, but it does not need to become and eternal burden. Do not make the mistake of sacrificing yourself for someone who abuses your generosity, because you are worth much more than that. Take a little more care of yourself, because you deserve to be happy. Another person (close to you) loves you with a love that is much more sincere and you know it.
A young woman wants to help you relax and live better. She is proposing (or will propose) you a trip lasting a few days (or perhaps longer) in order that you distance yourself from your daily worries (or the stress of a recent event). This woman is close to you and wants what is best for you. She is a lovely person and you love her a lot. You will not be able (or you should not be able) to refuse her offer. This trip will allow you to take a step back from your many obligations and it will also be very beneficial from a medical point of view (health, alternative medicine, healing). You need to relax and a change of air will do you a great deal of good. Setting out to discover something new (giving yourself a change of scenery) is not necessarily imprudent. Similarly, leaving your comfort zone does not necessarily mean exposing yourself to dangers or intense emotions. On the contrary, we are speaking here of giving yourself to something wonderful (an experience that is both soothing and reassuring). Put your trust in this young woman because she knows exactly what she is doing. Put yourself in her hands and you will be happy.
There is someone who needs gentleness. This person is older than you and their astrological sign is Cancer. He/she needs you to be more present in their life. He/she has a problem which is troubling them a great deal, but you don’t think this problem should require that much attention. This person doesn’t see things the same way you do, as a result, you should make a greater effort to put yourself in their shoes. In fact, your perception of the situation isn’t really an accurate reflection of reality. Things aren’t as you believe them to be. This person is hyper-sensitive and their network of friends has become much smaller in recent years. He/she has some financial decisions to make and some important legal papers which require his/her official approval. You must listen to them and treat them carefully. Key words: fishing, road, car, material achievement, stubborn, unwell, persuasion, gradual improvement, laughter, Friday afternoon, the month of March.

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