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Denis Lapierre

You are in a period where you do not wish to be disturbed. You do not feel at ease to be in a group and you prefer to attend to your occupations all on your own. You need solitude, because you are in a moment of your life where you need to meditate or to rethink your life. Indeed, you do not want to complain or be disliked by others, but you find solutions which make others perplexed. You do not wish to discuss your personal problems because you feel the need to live in peace with yourself. Be careful, however, to not isolate yourself too much because it is a question of balance. You have a trustworthy person not far from you and you can talk to him/her in all discretion. It is a question here of love and legitimacy or even legality. You are not satisfied and something must end. It is time for you to change an aspect of your current existence and you will have the advantage of support from someone close.

You have learned a great deal and you know how to make use of your experience. Now you find yourself at the end of one stage of your life and now you need to transmit your knowledge. There is a person who admires you and who needs your teaching. This person is a friend (a man) with a foreign background. For him, you represent an example to be emulated and you are his idol. You can help transform him so he can turn into a better person. He trusts you and will listen to what you have to say. This man was born under the sign of Gemini and he has a special connection with the occult sciences. He is courageous but he is happy-go-lucky. He is currently on leave from work and he would like to obtain a loan so he can start up his own business. He has been saving up, but he doesnít have enough money to get started on his own. Keywords: the sea, the city, contour, handcuffs, reserve, needs financial aid, needs financial security, conscience, decision, dinner, loan, Sunday evening, the month of April.

An old problem on the social level (or distant familial level) with a woman (1) barely older than yourself is rearing up in a chronic and dissapointing manner (a discouraging or demoralizing problem.) This woman is not sincere with you. She lies to you constantly and makes you work (expend energy or deploy uncessary physical or mental efforts) constantly, because of her lies and her negative attitude. Strangely, her acts will lead you to get to know somebody new (another woman). This woman (2) has as her special qualities her great manual ability and an exceptional aptitude in a high level artistic domain. Her know-how on the human level will be beneficient to you and an action that she will take will help you greatly. She (2) will intervene in order to give (or to provide) a service to the first woman (1) and she will help you to better manage your problem with her (1). Here, we are talking about a positive interference by the second woman, which will improve in a very significant manner your preexisting relation with the first one. You will develop a very good friendship with this new woman (2) and you will see each other again frequently. With time, your situation will take you to have an increasingly close relationship, such that a very great friendship is bound to arise between you two. This woman (2) will be very supportive on the personal level, and as such, you should accept her help from the start, even if it might seem inappropriate at this time.
You can help make a dream come true for someone you love. Specifically, you have the power to move the realization of this personís dream forward. If you proceed in stages, the answers will come by themselves and you will know what to do. This is a long journey that involves several countries. In an extreme case, it may even be a trip around the world. This is an excellent omen for you as much as for the person concerned, as it is quite possible that this assumes that you will also take part in this trip.

You are soon to have success in your personal life thanks to your tenacity and good work. Your efforts will be successful in a personal activity to which you dedicate much time and energy. Your thoughts will be precise, your actions will be targeted and your ambitions will be legitimate. Your choice will be the right one and you will be rewarded for your perseverance.

Your situation is gradually becoming clearer day by day with an individual of the opposite sex who is about the same age as you. This individual comes from the close circle of a friend and he/she has the downside (in a more or less concealed way) of his/her meanness and ruthless (sometimes even cruel) acts. In love, he/she is excessively disdainful and during conversations with friends, he/she often shows a very disturbing degree of cynicism. You should think of a new way to be with this individual, since he/she has succeeded in having an unhealthy hold on you. Your way of acting in his/her presence makes you vulnerable to his/her power of seduction and personal ambitions such that this individual hasnít the slightest hesitation about using his/her assets, both physical and psychological (beauty, sex-appeal, emotional blackmail) to dominate and manipulate you. He/she knows exactly how to charm you with small gestures or little subtle words and he/she abuses his/her power over you to an outrageous degree. This individual is far from sincere; so donít let yourself be lulled by his/her false tenderness toward you. Yes, he/she certainly wants to get something from you (you have to find out what), but this has nothing to do with love or affection, even if his/her actions seem to shamelessly suggest otherwise.
Someone who has been causing you problems for a good while now will be brought down by events and circumstances. Your destiny will protect you. Events will flow in your favour and will show remarkable ability to come to your aid. Justice will be served by the course of things, which will punish the one who is intent on harming or exploiting you. At just the right moment, your destiny will skilfully fend off the attacks of him or her who wishes you ill. All that will be required of you is wisdom, since nothing more than a well targeted response will have radical consequences for you foe. There will thus be nothing for you to fear if some situation arises between you and an ill-willed person, since your environment and the steps you take will offer extraordinary assistance in combating or confronting your enemies.

You will go to an island. This place is inhabited by an incredible number of birds. You will be accompanied by one or more members of your family. It will most likely be your child (or children), if not, it will be someone younger than yourself who is closely associated with your family circle. You will go to this island to find someone whom you have not seen in a very long time. This will also be a person associated with your family circle. You will be on this island to grant a wish. You will make a pact (contract, sale, purchase, verbal agreement, will, testament or otherwise) with this person. This pact will involve a very important amount of money.

Your spirit and knowledge shape your passion and your quest. You have strong passion and you seek to explain lifeís great mysteries. Your path leads you towards the truth and to knowing yourself through the exploration of the great spiritual and scientific questions. You have yet to fully define your convictions and itís your heart that guides you to think of others and listen to what they have to say. Your current path is leading you towards a personal retreat. You will retire from the world for a while in order to truly live out a sense of personal fulfillment. A young person whose star sign is Libra will guide you in your introspection. Through your search for solitude, he/she will help you to fill a void in your life. He/she will talk to you about self-realization and unconditional love. Key concepts: gardening, beach, searching for love, personal development, distancing, secret, reflection, adjustment, solitude, forthrightness, effort, satisfaction, Monday morning, the month of July.

An emotional approach by a person (m/f) from outside your circle of friends (or who has recently arrived in your circle of friends) may harm you considerably or be greatly destructive to you if you do not promptly see it clearly. This person has an extraordinary physical attractiveness, but his/her selfishness, human insensitivity and sexual volatility works against them. He/she will try to take advantage of you by simulating amorous feelings which will be totally nonexistent in reality. This person has a charm and a verbal cunning worthy of the greatest actors and you will need not to let yourself become bewitched by his/her beautiful words. This being will only seek to take advantage of your sensitivity, and only in order to manipulate you better. You will need to quickly become aware of the emotional dangers that this person will bring you, because he/she will have no remorse or disdain to make you suffer or to abuse your feelings to take advantage of you. Consequently, you will have to be very intuitive in order to avoid letting yourself being caught up in his/her despicable ploy. If you show too much naivety, you will become easy prey for this person. This person is clearly malicious and will not hesitate to boast of having beaten you out of pure personal entertainment (or monetary benefit).

Someone (m/f) is looking to either get closer to you or seduce you. You will be the victim of excessive kindness which you will find embarrassing. Here, we are talking about a friend close to you. On a social level, this person has a lot of power over others. He/she has a job and a stable income which brings him/her a financial security that is the envy of many people. This person will offer you a financial agreement tinged with an ulterior motive (either romantic or sexual.) This is a transaction for a loan, a mortgage, a trip, or a contract that has real financial benefit to you. This person knows that you want to fulfill a dream and he/she will offer you his/her financial support in order to allow you to do it. The offer will be tempting, but you will need to seriously consider the reasons before this proposal before making a decision. This person really has the means to help you, but he/she also hopes to use this opportunity to increase his/her chances to have a more intimate relationship with you. Although this will not (or hardly) be an issue during your talks, you will have to know how to read between the lines. In fact, the very protective behavior that this person constantly exhibits towards you is no longer a surprise for you, and speaks volumes to the effect that you have on him/her. In any case, you know enough about this person to know what he/she thinks about you. Because of this, when the time comes, everything should be pretty obvious to you.
You have a need to move, travel, explore and take a breath of fresh air. Your desire is to travel the world and discover new horizons. You cannot travel over-seas, but still you will take a short trip that is not too far away, that will bring about a pleasant change of scenery. During this trip you will meet a man who is younger than yourself. The places that you discover through his advice will pleasantly surprise you. This man whose astrology sign is Sagittarius lives near a lake. He has the gift of healing. He will give you enormous energy (positive) and you will be touched by the smell of his environment. Key concepts: harbour, boat, train, influence, scent, healer, harmony, social power, positive change, respect, Saturday morning, month of June.

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