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A person is managing to read into your thoughts. Fortunately, this person doesnít wish you any harm. He/she accepts your ideas and he/she agrees with your opinions. This person puts forth actions that seek to achieve objectives that are the same ones you have. You share a common secret and this is what joins you so closely. Your personalities have a facet so similar that an unperceivable channel of communication was created between both of you. Nevertheless, you must understand that this person reads your thoughts better than you can read his/hers. Your relationship is excellent but, for a reason that isnít revealed, this person has an advantage over you and always will have it. Therefore, remain the way you are since this inequality is harmonious and constructive both for you and for him/her. You have no interest in impressing this person so remain humble, because thatís good like it is.

A woman, older than you, will offer you a job. This job will involve in travelling. This woman, by her nature, is beneficial and protective for you. Her astrological sign is Sagittarius. She belongs to your professional environment. She is charming and has a physical beauty that is quite useful when negotiating with others. This woman seeks for your friendship for a long time, but it has not yet been fully acquired. In fact, she finds that you have an exceptional potential in your area of responsibility or expertise, and seeks to have a unique interpersonal relationship with you. She recently went through a painful experience at the professional level and for her; you are the ideal person to help her get back on her feet again. Keywords: communication, warmth, friendship, sensibility, pride, relief from pain, on Sunday afternoon, month of February.

A project will be delayed or canceled. It will be a ground-based trip (car, bus, train etc.) This is due to a new encounter that you will have or a new request that will be submitted to you. The person involved is young and is coming from (or originally comes from) far away. Youíll have to satisfy this young person before leaving. In this case, weíre really talking about art, creation and inspiration. There is harmony between the two of you but this person is suffering from a recent and persistent sorrow. They must rediscover their family ties and re-establish their self-confidence. There has surely been a birth of a child and this person has been confused by these events. Youíll have to be upstanding, but youíll still have to avoid taking on a commitment for them because the situation is too uncertain and you might make yourself a prisoner to their problems. Yes, youíll be able to help this young person, but donít promise anything and donít get stuck too much in your relationship with them, because your own wellbeing may be compromised. Be patient and confident, and time will solve many things. Your devotion is not the most appropriate answer to this situation. Rather, you should use your reasoning. Donít wrongly spend your energy because you may get lost as well. This person needs more to be oriented that to be helped. So be professional in everything you do and this person will remain loyal and will get out it wonderfully well.
You will move from thought to action to defend or to assist a friend, a woman younger than you. This woman has a playful, talkative nature, and she loves to be among friends. She is extraordinarily generous with people, and has an exceptional sense of humanism. She was seduced by an opportunistic man who feels no shame at dominating (or manipulating) her. This is a man of bad faith, and he is not at all what he claims to be. He discovered your friendís vulnerability, and he keeps her under his control. He appears as a man of great kindness to many people, but his heart and soul are defiled by cunning and deceit. He is cowardly and hypocritical, and will not hesitate to fleece your friend of all her assets (or of as much as he can obtain). Despite appearances, he is intolerant and impatient with her. In private, when he does not obtain what he wants, he only wants to put her down. This man is an evil being, and you shall be an aid and an unexpected relief for your friend, both on the moral and emotional level.

You love a child with all your heart. You'll be leaving for a trip with this child. It will be during the cold season. During this journey you will need to walk long distances (or at any rate longer than you are used to). This travel demands a physical effort of you, but nothing distressing or insurmountable. You will be enchanted by the place where you stay and would wish to move there.

You will receive a piece of information that you will need to act on. This information will be from a legal authority and you'll be obliged to follow a procedure or a commitment that you are in some way linked to. This is as much a question of money as it is of an amorous relationship. Following receipt of this information you will have to begin a new chapter in your life. This information will be very useful to you and it will allow you to realise a desire.
Someone will share a secret with you. Someone around you will entrust you with a secret and will ask you to remain silent about what he/she will tell you. It will be something embarassing, awkward or compromising. It will be related to an unconventional sexual practice. This person desires you and he/she will tell you. This desire can take different forms but itís definitely of a nature that can make you feel confused or uncomfortable.

You are overwhelmingly tired. You work more than you should - even in your off-time. You have no leisure time and hardly see your friends anymore; you are depriving yourself of an enjoyable personal life. Someone has loved you for a long time and they wish your job would occupy less of your time. As you see less and less of each other, you are missed more and more.

A business (or professional) meeting has a lot of importance. You will have a meeting to reach an agreement that will have significant effects (or developments) on your long-term financial situation. Following this meeting, you will be more confident regarding what the future has in store for you, and this will allow you to plan (for very soon) a new way of living that you have been desiring for a long time. This meeting will have as its goal to meet a woman that you do not know (or know very little). This woman has a dominant personality and she has great skills (knowledge and experience) regarding the financial world. She can allow people to get out of financial difficulties, just as she can allow others to get rich. For the opposite sex, she is a very attractive woman, but in love she is uncompromising. This is a woman who is both fascinating, and a go-getter. She will also have something to talk about with you regarding you work (or your career plan). She knows (or will be informed) that you have had health problems in the past and she has (or will have) solutions (or new opportunities) for you. This woman is symbolically linked to the forest and birds, which indicates that she symbolizes both stability and liberty (especially financially). She will therefore be very favorable to you, no matter your situation.
A woman will bring you much affection. Her consolation will be rich with respect and sincere words. It is an event in your personal life which will encourage you to open up to her and you will have her full support. It is a very close friend. Your relationship with her, which lasted for a long time, is as much favorable to her as you. This woman is a very kind woman on the human level and is highly committed to you. Her link with you is so strong, that she almost always feels your pain and your moments of insecurity even before you confide in her. Here, your conversation will have an issue about money and a summons to appear in court. You will have to appear before a judge or judicial officer (lawyer, notary or other). One or more children are also involved. It is probably a question of a divorce or a final breakup with someone who will no longer be a part of your life. You will have to act in such a way that a difficulty will turn in your favor. Your friend will help you to find the most appropriate and less stressful solution for you. You will go through this whole ordeal together. *(In some rare but possible cases, it is about a death, and not about a divorce or a breakup. So in these circumstances, it is about testamentary succession than of money and justice.)

A completely new situation in your social relationships is in process of establishing in a sustainable way and this will bring you to see several basic things of your life in a new and a very different angle from what you know now. Here it is mainly a question of a phenomenon, more or less of the abstract of law of the universe which concerns the divine consciousness that affects you every day. One person will force you to act differently with respect to the management of a problem and you will quickly understand the benefits of his work. This person is a man who is much closer to you than you think. Thanks to him, in the future, you will be able to see a rainbow in the places where you now only see clouds. This man has great qualities and will be able to lead you to find a solution to a problem that continuously imposes you extra work and effort (physical and/or mental). At a symbolic level, this man is associated with happiness and wonder. All that he will do for you will be both wise and remarkable. Your relationship with him will bring you many answers to your questions. He will tell you the real way to follow to be a better person and then you will need to show that you listen to his advice. It is indeed him who will allow you to foresee the light that is hidden at the far end of the long tunnel that you are going through, and then you will have to show that you are worthy of his generosity and greatness of soul.

A coincidence is actually not a coincidence. Something seems to be taking a happy turn of events for you and you are not mistaken. Nothing is random. Your efforts have provoked these things and you will soon be rewarded for it. You are someone who is independent with your future projects but a man is interested in helping you to accelerate the process you have started. This man is younger than you (slightly) and he is part of your professional contacts (in finance or business). He holds special knowledge that can set you on the right track and that will let you fulfill your dream. This man is good and he is generous. He is very tough in his field of activity and he doesnít let himself become intimidated by hardship, no matter how great. He has authority over a great number of people. He has identified you among many other people. He knows that you have more potential in your field of skills that most people he has already met. You are someone who isnít afraid of taking on responsibility and he knows this (or can guess it by your attitude). He will take you under his wing and will help you to further affirm yourself in what you do and/or what you aspire to do. Your plans have impressed him and he wants to be there to see you make them come true.

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