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By Denis Lapierre

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An interpersonal situation presents itself in a strange or very unusual way. You have a reason to feel suspicious as your presumptions are founded. This is a question of a person (m/f) who loves you but who is only in your life in passing. This person is closely connected to cars and/or automobile driving. You must solve an enigma, as things are not as clear as they should be. This person is sincere but his/her lifestyle is set according to a cycle that is constantly restarting. This person hardly learns anything from his/her mishaps and everything is constantly to be reviewed in his/her life. It will be difficult for you to establish a stable relationship with him/her, as nothing is long lasting in his/her projects for the future. An upcoming real estate transaction will announce the real choices that you will have to make.

You will make a pact or an agreement with a friend (m/f). This friend will make you aware of the complexity of a situation. More specifically, this concerns a situation in which you cannot stand by without acting. You know what it is about, but you still do not know all the details. Here, you will have to break a social or professional impasse, as certain people seem more to slow you down rather than help you. You are not aware of everything, and that is why you will have need of this friend in order to better understand the attitude, the way of thinking or the ambitions of these people. Even if others seem to harm you, however, this is not necessarily the case. Long discussions are coming up, therefore, and you will have a decision to make. You will have to show an open mind if you want to understand the position of others, so you must show yourself to be receptive/responsive to their demands (claims, wishes, will or other). Listen to what they have to say and then you will know which way to go. In summary, even if appearances seem to show the opposite, people want to help you and everybody agrees on the notion that as much as possible should be done to enable you to make progress regarding a personal endeavour that you have recently undertaken. Your friend, however, will have to take a key role in your endeavour and you will not be able to do anything without him/her (and vice versa).

You'll be in a place where candles will be used to reduce stress and calm the atmosphere. There will be a young woman there. She is very beautiful and has stunning eyes. She appears unusual, possibly eccentric or exotic. Her eyes are deep and endearing. There is a lot of mystery around her. You can easily imagine a nymph, fairy, or something like that. You will meet her on a trip. This young woman will take care of you. She will be considerate and caring, and her dedication to you will be great. However, this young woman is very vulnerable both physically and emotionally and it makes her an easy target for violent people and abusers. Moreover, despite her impressive sweetness, this young woman lost her virginity at a very young age against her will. This happened with shocking brutality and degrading treatment (presumably a rape). This young woman is used to submission and suffering, but her strong faith in divine love allows her to remain balanced and always caring for others. Be advised that this young woman has long been blessed by the Supreme Being and a special place already awaits her in the afterlife. Therefore, if you are kind to her, she will be an omen of great happiness for you for many years.
Sometimes, you love badly, but you donít love too much. Youíll need to change your approach in your amorous relationships. Certain pitfalls may be eliminated if you act differently. Youíre on a good path and you can reach your goals, so itís useless to lose hope because everything can get better.

You have to choose between two loves. The first person is a long-time love, whereas the second is a recent love. It is a difficult choice, and whichever option you choose will certainly bring with it a great deal of sadness for you. You have a very serious decision to make, and you are currently overcome by a feeling of deep uncertainty or even a sense of emotional angst. Be brave as passion will soon become heartbreak, and the better of two very different worlds will give way to an unavoidable sense of fatalism in which one must consider possible regrets and resentments.

You'll have to overcome contradictions within your immediate surroundings. Opinions will be irreconcilable. You will soon have a puzzling argument with someone you know intimately and greatly appreciate. This person is a man. He is a very close friend in your professional environment. Despite your good intentions, you will not be able to understand his point of view or how he interprets your actions. So you will become withdrawn or act secretly in order to get out of an unending controversy with him.
At present, you feel a sense of solitude, rejection or exclusion because of a spiritual shortcoming. You don't believe you deserve other people's love, but this is only an illusion you have to surround yourself with in order to distance yourself from your spirit. You can no longer find any sense in your life, which has the effect of creating great material and financial insecurities for you. More specifically, you suffer from an emotional inadequacy. Perhaps you are searching for love or you have recently been in a relationship breakup. It is through your spiritual belief that you will once again find your path. You need help from the beyond, but the idea that such help can exist scares you. Here, your pride and arrogance are your major weaknesses. They prevent you from being spiritually open, which is necessary in order for you to get through this difficult period of your life. Maybe it is because of an old wound that you still carry? Little matter what the cause of your mental block, you must give way to the being which is connected to you. She has the duty to protect you and to guard you from misfortune, but to do this, you must first let her approach you. She alone can enter you to cure you of your suffering and she alone can comfort you in your torment. You must open your soul to her, otherwise you will be gripped by a great anxiety. There is a woman close to you, older than you, and a Scorpio, who has the ability to introduce you to the being which is connected to you. Following many recent deaths in her family circle, she has unconsciously developed a channel of communication with the beyond. Without wanting to, she will help you discover the secret you carry within, and which you share with this being. Key Concepts: lamentation, seed, refinement, hiccup, interruption, secret, unveiling, watercourse, walkers, Sunday, night, month of March.

You have everything you need to solve a mystery. A pretty simple ritual will help you concentrate more and it's your experience that will dictate you the right way to work or to behave to achieve your goal. There is a key number in your path and itís the ď7Ē. This number is associated to a pregnant woman or to a young mother who is presently trying to protect her offspring against obsession and/or excessive authority.

A situation is bizarre. There is a great deal of misunderstanding regarding finances. One person has made a series of mistakes. This concerns an important asset (car, building, loan, investment, or other). A mistake has been made by a person of the opposite sex who is about your age. This personís distinctive feature is his/her physical beauty. He/she has a lot of affection for you. This person is mischievous and has a bit of a vain side. He/she is a relative (or an intimate friend). The perception that he/she had of a situation led him/her to do something that was unfavorable to you. This person took an initiative (in good faith) that was not appropriate (or that led people to think of something ambiguous or uncertain concerning a truth). Consequently, a financial agreement had to be cancelled or postponed. This misunderstanding has created real complications for you, and you will need to work to re-establish the facts. Consequently, you will have to offer more personal guarantees and more formally demonstrate your financial capacity concerning a project that you wish to carry out. Here your honesty is not called into question, but only your ability to fulfill a long-term financial obligation. It is possible that youíre going through (or have gone through) a failure, but in spite of everything, you must not abandon your project. In spite of what some people think, your project is truly viable and you actually have the ability to complete it. You have a lesson to learn from this misunderstanding, and you will know what to do next time. Donít despair, for you learn, and experience is priceless. Here, someone who has passed away or an ancestor has undertaken to come to your aid. His/her presence is not very palpable for the moment, but this will soon change. Prepare yourself for a great (favorable) upheaval!
A situation makes you to some extent to be reserved from your loved ones. It's not shyness, but it's more like it. Be careful not to slide into a shame that has no place. Others appreciate you and you should not fall back on yourself. You have a confidant, a man who is a little younger than you who is a part of your family and who has the Zodiac sign of Virgo. You are important for him and he asks nothing better than to help you achieve your dreams. He's a busy man, but he still has time for you. He is diligent in his work and he knows to make right decisions at the right time. He has confidence in you and he can easily detect your internal distress. Therefore you cannot hide anything from him and you'll have to confide in him. Key concepts: train, land, vitality, climb, endure, search, security, courage, mental distress, a new proposal, skill, Wednesday evening, month of May.

Someone is going to make you a proposition or suggestion with the aim of getting you to take a more active part in an activity that does not come altogether naturally to you, but that could additionally benefit your adjustment (social, recreational, sports or volunteer) in your current milieu. A series of successive changes are expectable in the things you do for relaxation and your routine intending to distract or amuse you and this will call upon you to take a direction that could turn out to be quite different. Evidently, a person who has influence on you will succeed in leading you to territories that are unfamiliar to you. As a result of his/her intervention, the desire that you have had more and more frequently to venture beyond your comfort zone will reach its culmination. It is clear that a project will have to become totally realized in order for you to really feel good about yourself. Moreover, it is quite striking to learn to what extent you are determined to experience such moments that will leave an imprint on you for a long time. As a result, this proposition or suggestion that someone is going to make to you will become a starting point for you. Very clearly, it indicates that it will set off a series of events and that these events will lead you to go beyond yourself. Hence, you should soon expect to be experiencing some of the most (positively) memorable moments of your life.

Your good intentions and your goodwill will touch the heart of a young person who will have a very sincere or maybe even loving affection towards you. This person will seek to get closer to you and each of his or her gestures towards you will show it more and more clearly. His or her behaviour towards you will have a very specific meaning. The actions of this young person will gradually demonstrate a strong attachment to you. Moreover, a special circumstance, event, or situation is to come in your interactions with him or her and this will be an unexpected source of revelation. Confessions or the revelation of a secret will come from this person and this could radically change your thoughts and your relationship, not only with him or her, but also with other people close to you.

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