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Denis Lapierre

You must be warned about an excess! An unhealthy situation has come up and it may lead you toward extreme deprivation if you donít quickly take some measures to separate from it. This specific excess is not well established but it usually concerns one of the following aspects: sex, gambling, alcohol, or drugs. If you donít manage to separate from this excess, it will dominate you. Careful! Youíll be subject to the devilís bait! Your pride must not interfere in this situation because itís also part of the obstacle placed in front of you.

A sequence of events leads you to learn to catch the money that regularly slips through your fingers. You will receive advice from someone older or more experienced than you in an area that you are having difficulty mastering because of your lack of boldness. You have an almost magical ability to make significant gains with little and you must not hesitate to use it. Following conversations you will have with a knowledgeable person, you will become aware of the extraordinary ability that you possess. You will be able to manage your income and your investments more effectively. Keep your open and agile business mind as you possess in you a key that can open many more doors than you imagine.

A fear is confirmed. Something has come to an end and a situation will be forever changed. However, life goes on and you mustnít tire yourself with a misleading impression. You have to understand that faced with this situation, the worst is already behind you. Something new will come to fill the void you are feeling. You are confused and hesitant, and this is normal. Your anxious moments will soon leave you. Key concepts: farm, agriculture, lorry, nebulous, man, astrological sign of the Virgin, new sign, coolness, Wednesday morning, month of April.
Something (an asset or money) will be claimed from you by a person of the opposite sex between the ages of 50 and 59 (or very close). This person is part of your secondary circle (remote or indirect), which indicates that you don't have close or natural links with him/her. This is a question of someone with an impatient temperament and who is continually looking for opportunities that allow him/her to enrich him/herself or to gain social prestige. The claim from this person will put you in a situation of frustration since it'll have the effect of damaging (or shaking) your love relationship. Here, you are in a context where the elements that are beyond your control are many so the overall perspective is not very favourable to you. You will thus have to assert your rights, since your claims will be legitimate despite the damages in question. Moreover, you'll probably have to justify certain actions to the person you love, so be careful not to cause more damage while trying to pick up the pieces.

A woman is quiet but determined. She has a goal and she will reach it. She is diligent and persevering. She is attending university, taking on a major project, or working on something equally important. Her objective is highly specific and the result of her efforts will have a great impact on her long-term future. This endeavour is also being monitored or supervised by someone, and will be evaluated by this person.

A situation is developing into a problem. A certain person (m/f) is becoming increasingly irritable or troublesome. You will have to react in order to protect your own well-being. If you fail to rid yourself of this person, you will have to start avoiding him/her as much as possible. This person is younger than you and is more drawn towards individualist than social values. He/she is stubborn and a know-it-all. There is no point in arguing or negotiating with him/her, as you will never (or almost never) have the last word. This person wants you to enter into a long-term relationship with you, but his/her attitude constitutes a genuine problem. This person will never make a compromise unless forced to do so. He/she may quickly become unpleasant if you do not agree with him/her, and thus a relationship in this context has every chance of degenerating into a nightmare. You should therefore take care not to be seduced by words that sound lovely, but are based more in fantasy than true facts. Even though it is not visible at first glance, this is an undesirable individual with the potential to rapidly become intolerable. You are clearly faced with a time-bomb, which you will soon realise if you have not already done so.
You are going to have a positive, pleasant and very respectful relationship with a young man (friendly and warm) who has recently come into your circle. Your relationship with this young man will be harmonious, constructive and become permanent. Your personalities complement each other remarkably well, and in this sense, you will be (naturally) inclined to collaborate together to a great extent. Everything that you will do with this young man will result in (or be accompanied by) an honest, frank and very loyal camaraderie. Your have many affinities and you will discover this quite rapidly. The more you become familiar (each of you) with each other the stronger the tie that binds you will become. Here, it is clearly about the birth of a very big and very solid friendship which will last for many years (and probably your entire life).

You have the possibility of forming a new couple. You must not fear what shall come, because nothing can stop you from finding true love through this new relationship. The intentions of both are sincere and you are allowed to get involved. Your self-sufficiency and your independence will be protected and you will be able to blossom freely.

Your memories store a past that has left painful tracks. It takes you awhile to forget an incident that seriously injured you. One person has left a very deep impression on your life that still haunts you with regularity. Your spirits appear strong, but thatís because you hide the truth. Your hurt is much larger than you lead others to believe. Often you are afraid of not achieving your goals, which keeps you from fully enjoying some good things in life. A gust of freedom is now blowing toward you and everything suggests that, following your recent efforts, you will be freed once and for all from that memory which haunts you. Fate will intervene and clear malicious people from your path. Your entourage will change, but in a way that will be clearly more beneficial to you. Some upcoming events will be remarkable and will considerably change your prospects. A large shake-up will be favorable to you.
A young woman will bring you kindness and consideration. She is new in your circle and graced with good sense (which is surprising for her age). This young woman has a strong sense of duty and a great respect for those who are dear to her. She is generous to her friends and demonstrates great patience toward others. She will quickly attract your attention and will take the first steps in initiating contact with you. You will take great pleasure in finding yourself in her presence, and you will experience a great sense of well-being in her company (almost exhilarating). Her praises will be very affectionate and will almost sound like love. Her good intentions, although not truly meant to win you over, will be numerous and considerate. Your association with this young woman will be very enriching (humanly and socially) and extremely enjoyable. This young woman will bring a lot of sunshine to your life, and over time your relationship will become very special (close friend). One particular aspect of this young woman is the unwitting charm she exerts over others. Those who enter into contact with her are quickly bewitched and soon develop an addiction to her. Many men succumb to her charm and become quite insistent with her. She radiates a very reassuring energy (or aura), and when she is in a public place, she often has difficulty finding much time to herself.

You will go on a long and magnificent voyage. You are presently only at the beginning of your adventure. You have many things to discover and you are impatient to experience unforgettable moments. Your voyage will bring you great and precious lessons. It will lead you to develop new competencies at the level of the community and to deepen your current aptitudes in the social realm. Your way of taking on and feeling things will henceforth be different and improved. Your emotions will be dominated by a greater intuition, and your everyday worries will make way for a life course which will in the future be full of discoveries and learnings. Following this voyage, many aspects of your personality will be transformed. You will evolve toward a greater financial and social autonomy, and will become a person who will be markedly more prudent facing everything which is related to ecology and human existence on earth.

A new friendship with a young man is coming or will deepen. This is a young man you frequently see when you go out shopping or to periodically make other, more specific purchases. Or this also might be someone you see regularly in an office, a workshop, a store branch or any other place that runs as a commercial facility. This young man likes teasing, is endearing and always has lots of original ideas running through his head. He is sensitive and is always concerned about you and your well-being when you two meet. He has recently moved and lives near a hospital or a medical clinic (or a business that offers medical service like a pharmacy, laboratory, etc.) You have always impressed this young man and he has much respect for you. An event, a transaction or something else will lead to meet with him outside the usual routine. This will be an unplanned yet interesting and very pleasant encounter. You will get to know each other better and you will discover very specific similarities with each other that will lead to a greater familiarity between the two of you in the future.

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