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By Denis Lapierre - Personal website

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You have a very close friend. This is a woman that you know from your youth (or from the beginning of your adult life). She brings great comfort to you and she supports you in all your tests (both in your joys and in your misfortunes). You love her enormously, but for some time she has been elsewhere (psychologically, physically, and/or geographically). She either has a job, a duty, or activities that take up all of her time, or she has a commitment or a constraint which holds her somewhere else (city, country, or other). You often think of her and you miss her. You have to hear her voice, because you need to be reassured. Do not worry too much, because she has not abandoned you. She also misses you and she cannot wait to see you. Not everything is under her control, so you must be patient. You will speak in the coming months (one or more long conversations) and this will do (both of you) great good. You are people who are bound by duty, loyalty, and fidelity, but also by a very strong attachment to one another. You still have a lot more to say, and many more intimate things to share with one another. Time, distance, and concerns will never separate you enough for you to lose contact, so rest easy, because for you two the best is yet to come.

An animal will help you get through a test. It's an animal that lives in your house or that you're near to every day. It can avert you from dangers that lie in wait for you, and it has the capacity to kindle a spiritual force in you that's dominant in various ways. This animal communicates with you through a subconscious link that you have with it. It's an omen of peace and health for you. It can support you through illness just as well as it can ease your internal suffering. It will bring you wealth and prosperity of the sole in your worst moments of uncertainty, as well as during the happiest times of your life.

Regardless of whether you are rich or poor, you work with the sweat of your brow to aquire and to deserve what you have, so you must not give or lend blindly. You will have to react to an urgent and unforseen situation. Someone (m/f) will ask you for money. This is someone who is in your close circle of acquaintances. Considering your achievements and your financial commitments, it is a considerable amount of money. To help this person, it is possible that you might be able to part with some of that money, but surely not all of it. In any case, even if you are kind-hearted, you must not ruin yourself for someone who is immature and who continually squanders his/her money. This person wastes his/her money in an incredible way, and that is why he/she needs to borrow some. His/her behavior is incorrigible and there is no doubt that the money that you will lend him/her will also be wasted, and probably in record time. Unless you accept the idea that your money will never come back to you, you must not lend to this person. Without worrying about the consequences of his/her actions, and about the burden he/she is placing on you, this person is about to ask you to put yourself in a very difficult financial situation in which you do not really deserve to find yourself. Now is not the time for kindness, and you have to think of yourself first. You do not reasonably have to take responsibility for the mistakes of another person, even less if that person shows almost complete indifference towards the sacrifice that he/she is asking you.
You have some uncertainties about the romantic leanings which someone in your professional surroundings (work, business, studies, healthcare, or other) has for you. Someone, with whom you do not want to have a romantic relationship, is clearly demonstrating his/her attraction towards you. You may have been clumsy in your way of expressing your feelings (for him/her) and this has greatly complicated matters. Clearly, you do not want to wound him/her, nor find yourself in a delicate position, but this is creating some discomfort. This person is so (indirectly) insistent that you are beginning to doubt yourself. You certainly do not know what to think, because your heart is elsewhere. But, in fact, who is the person making the most sincere efforts for you? Is it the person who loves you or the person that you love? Watch out for life’s traps, because appearances are often deceiving and nothing is ever as simple as one would wish. For now, this situation seems temporary, but is it really? Between what you want and what you do not want, is there a certainty? Are you, in reality, troubled (in different ways) by each of those two people? In short, here the problem lies not with the answer, but with the question. So, if you ask yourself the right questions, you will have the right answers.

A young man is impressed by an older woman. He is totally charmed by her. This woman is ambitious and very experienced in business. She is also a sensual woman who has great power of seduction. She is over 40 years old, but still has the power of attraction of a woman in her early thirties. She has a great power over men and can easily manipulate them if she wants. This woman has a large fortune. She has received a lot of money due to an inheritance (or perhaps after a divorce).

You will be strongly honoured and receive sincere praise at a meeting or assembly. More specifically, a very close friend or family member (a man) will say wonderful things about you at a public assembly attended by a great many people. Your life path has recently led you to show fearlessness, devotion and charity towards someone* (m/f) in need, and you will be honoured for this. You quickly recognised the urgent need of this person* to be saved and you did not hesitate in coming to their aid. You gave up some of your own personal needs in order to protect them and take them under your wing and, with exemplary altruism, you made arrangements to allow them to have a new beginning. Your solidarity has shown the extent of your humanity, which will serve as an example to others and you will be due heartfelt praise for this (and more). It will be a very moving ceremony where people will show all of their admiration for you. (The person* you saved may also be a family, a group of people, a social cause or an entire community.)
Someone is expecting a lot from you. This person has given you a job to do and you are answerable to this individual. It is not a nice job but it is necessary. To fulfill this position you need to take road transport (car, bus or other forms of transport). You need to reach a destination that you are unfamiliar with and you will need to do some research on the best route to take.

You will get one step closer to the fulfillment of a dream. You have better control of your business (finances, investments, business projects, etc.) and the economic situation that is coming will be very favorable to you. Your financial approach will pay off and a project will materialize. You will make new contacts (influential people) and following an excellent initiative you will make exceptional (unusual) financial gains (or earnings). It is thus evident that what you currently have in mind is very serious. Do not give up on anything, because your determination will be the key to your success. You are probably currently aiming to start a new business, so you have to persevere. An answer will soon come to you about a request that you made (or that you are about to make) and you will be granted what you want (maybe with a few conditions, but nothing which will endanger your project.) Two years from now, you will make a major transaction, and it seems to be a real estate acquisition of great importance.

Wisdom and respect for human values will be your best allies in your relationship situation. Your honesty and generosity will have a major place in your daily actions and thoughts. Even if your professional life has a great impact on your personal life, you must make sure not to neglect your love life.
A delicate situation professionally-speaking (or at work) will force you to make a defensive decision. The situation will be such that you will perhaps have to react in order not to be targeted unfairly (or by mistake). A difficult hardship will have to be overcome by many people and you’ll have to try not to become part of this group of people. A large project (disturbance) will be coming to your professional world and this project will include a reorganization that will create victims. This reorganization will be favorable overall, yet it will open the doors to score-settling. As a result, be sure that you have an irreproachable image because if you want to leave this situation a winner, you’ll have be as white as snow.

You will reach a very high level of financial affluence. You will make a business proposal and it will be accepted. At the moment, you are still uncertain of the probability that it will be retained, but it will nonetheless be tried out or approved outright. You will thus be able to demonstrate your know-how and prove that you can compete with the greatest. You have flair and great skills, so your skills will no longer be in doubt. People will boast about your personal abilities and you will be part of the new elite of society. Over the coming years, your objectives will be increasingly clear and your actions (investments and others) will be increasingly better focused. You are a person who overflows with energy (ideas, projects, ambition, etc.) and in business you will accomplish great feats. You have an incredible potential and you will quickly reach a great autonomy. You will therefore stand out by your audaciousness and your perseverance, and you will be part of this very small group (category) of people that are venerated for generations for their original ideas and their extraordinary success (and longevity) in business. You will be publicly honored, and you will earn the highest praise from world leaders. You will remain humble, but your story will become a legend. Your heirs and your descendants will be extremely fortunate.

The realization of one of your objectives (or wishes) is not to be found in your immediate geographical space. You will need to plan for a trip or a move that is very significant for you. You have been anticipating this trip for a long time and it holds a very special place in your heart. You are going to take this trip and it will be very rewarding for you. It will be a successful trip and you will have a wonderful memory of it. While waiting, you have to find a way to get out of a labyrinth in which you are being held prisoner. Be methodical in your efforts and you will stop going around in circles, it’s pointless to let your frustration get to you, as “you know” there’s a way out and “you will find it.” Here, you need to set aside your intuition, as this labyrinth is designed to distort perceptions just as much as to disorient and discourage people. You probably can’t see it, but you are only a few steps from the exit. Find your bearings again and you will recognize it.

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