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Youíll have a disappointing meeting with a woman who is your friend. More precisely, this woman is a member of your family. She stands out for her patience and perceptiveness. Sheís also opportunistic and sometimes quite adventurous. You share a very sincere friendship with her. Following a conversation youíll have with her about a person (2) who is new in your work environment, but with whom you are about to start a close relationship, your meeting will take a turn towards your love life. In fact, your friend knows this person quite well and she will talk at length about him/her to you. You will learn then that itís a person (2) on whom you canít count and with whom you can hardly maintain a loyal friendship, let alone a relationship. However, this person (2) will soon be part of your regular circle and youíll have to grow with (or despite) him/her. Be careful not to trust this person (promises or other), because you could get big disappointments. Even if this person (2) will fail to influence you or dominate you, youíll quickly understand how your friend was right about him/her. This is a person who will be a burden to you, especially in obligations that will require teamwork. This is a person who continually tries to dodge unpleasant or hard-working tasks so it will be totally useless for you to count on him/her when you need a little more mutual assistance from him/her.

Your relationship with a woman is discouraging. This woman is older than you, and she is part of your inner circle. This is a woman who has an unpleasant personality and does not seem to have any real friends. She is impatient, and she often makes insulting (or provocative) remarks about others. She is demanding toward you, and she is also very perspicacious in the way she uses you (or manipulates you) to reach her goals. This woman often tries to make you spend money for her. Be careful, donít allow yourself to be directed (or controlled) by her. You absolutely must learn to say ďNoĒ to her (or negotiate more skillfully with her), because she is abusing your generosity. If you do not do this, she will still have the upper hand over you, and you will suffer perpetually from this. If you succeed in correctly evaluating her real needs, you will also manage to act with more assurance and firmness toward her. You must learn how to dominate this woman. You must function in your way, not hers. You, too, have a life to live, and you must preserve your freedom and your privacy. Whatís more, you must also stop wasting money because of her.

You are going to confront a problem that involves a man who is active in your vicinity. This man engages in behavior that is harmful to many others. He acts in a very individualistic way without regard for the repercussions his actions may have on others. He is totally indifferent about the many conflicts he causes and he is quite willing to show it. Clearly, nobody wants to seek a confrontation with him, yet tolerance has its limits here. It is becoming increasingly clear that people closest to him are suffering even more than you as a result of his attitude, even if it seems like nobody is reacting. In a nutshell, there is very serious family conflict hidden behind closed doors. It would make more sense not to try to intervene directly, since this will only further inflame the situation. Since, for the moment, there is little you can do to help the people close to this man, you have to think of yourself as first priority. You need to take steps to protect your personal life and, above all, your intimate life. This man can sniff out vulnerability in people, so you must not show weakness or be too accommodating with him. Most of all donít let him cross the distance that separates him from your personal living space, as the consequences of doing so could be disastrous for you.
You need to restore the balance of power that there should normally be between you and a person (m/f) close to you (at the social or professional level). You are in a weak position in relation to this person and this could prove to be more and more frustrating over time. Ideally, itís advisable to solve this situation, otherwise it could continue indefinitely. Even if there is no apparent emergency, a heavy discomfort (especially for you) is about to settle in between the two of you. The context is both unfavorable and annoying for you, therefore itís better to solve the situation as soon as possible before a hierarchy of power settles in durably and formally between you two and you actually and against your will find yourself in a position of permanent subordination to this person. Logically (and officially), you donít have to subject yourself to the orders of this person (or his/her demands), so it would be advisable that you assert yourself more in relation to him/her.

Your love life is directly linked to your financial situation. A change on the financial level will be favourable to your love life. You will soon benefit from some extra income which will allow you to optimise or reorient your approach to love. You will have more confidence in your capabilities and you will no longer fear failure. The more you will improve your financial situation, the more you will be able to strengthen your relationship with the person that you love. Currently, your financial situation brings you to take risks that are not compatible with your love life. It brings uncertainty and it forces you to show too much temerity with regards to your future plans. You have to reassure your loved one, because he/she needs to know that you have a greater financial stability in order to feel good with you. Your financial health will soon improve and you will have to take this into account. Take this opportunity to show that you are really serious with regards to your future plans and you will allow the other to discover (or rediscover) the real person that you are.

You will go on a spiritual journey. You are seeking spiritual evolution and this trip is a key stage in your personal development. This journey is essential for you and you must absolutely make it. It will allow you to look deeper within yourself and to clarify your path in life. You will then enter a transitory period in your existence where your free will, your serenity and your power to make decisions will blend into a unique element of a divine nature. You will go on this voyage with a female friend, a relative of yours born under the astrological sign of Pisces. You will go across a sea. The sea will be rough and somewhat scary but everything will turn out fine. Key words: abrupt change, demanding, uplifting, test, access to a new life, return to health, Saturday evening, February.
You are currently in a position to accomplish no matter what. You have grand ideas in your head and you have the ability to concretise a dream. Do not hesitate, because itís now or never. You have a fabulous initiative to take and you should take it now. You currently have full control over your future and your destiny is more than ever in your hands. You will start a remarkable project and you will be at the origin of a great social adventure where a lot of people will follow you. Be very proud of yourself, because you will be at the birth of an extraordinary patrimonial and economic wealth for your country or the region you belong to.

A very threatening obstacle stands in front of you and you will not have the power or ability to immediately rise above, defeat or overcome it. You must then, at the first sign of danger, get around it quickly and take a new more accessible and safe course, otherwise you risk facing serious injury or attack from a person with whom you maintain a very difficult relationship. You must remain very alert, because you risk suffering tragic defeat or humiliation in a business or venture that is close to your heart. On the contrary, even if you stray from your path to avoid your opponent, he/she will still prevail in your life and prevent you from living fully. He/she will sabotage your projects and will also increasingly succeed in threatening, day after day, your freedom and your privacy. You must then, in your retreat, find new weapons and aid and accumulate other assets or forces to return to face this person who seriously hampers your freedom of action and your right to know happiness. You must then be better prepared, better armed and much better protected in the face of such threats. When you are prepared, you must then overcome your fears and defeat this obstacle that this person represents for good, otherwise he/she will eventually wear you down.

Someone is decisively seeking to entice you into a love affair with them. As of yet they have not said anything to you but there is no doubt that the way they act towards you is very suggestive. This person is very good looking and therefore it is hard for you to not to react when they attempt to seduce you. They like to give you gifts and do things for you and this thoughtfulness is so evocative that even the slightest gesture on their part can quickly unleash your desire. This person lives under the same roof as you; be it that they live with you (as a roommate or otherwise), or that they live in the same building as you. If this is not the case then this is a person who lives very close to you and is someone who you talk to almost every day.
A project will be delayed or canceled. It will be a ground-based trip (car, bus, train etc.) This is due to a new encounter that you will have or a new request that will be submitted to you. The person involved is young and is coming from (or originally comes from) far away. Youíll have to satisfy this young person before leaving. In this case, weíre really talking about art, creation and inspiration. There is harmony between the two of you but this person is suffering from a recent and persistent sorrow. They must rediscover their family ties and re-establish their self-confidence. There has surely been a birth of a child and this person has been confused by these events. Youíll have to be upstanding, but youíll still have to avoid taking on a commitment for them because the situation is too uncertain and you might make yourself a prisoner to their problems. Yes, youíll be able to help this young person, but donít promise anything and donít get stuck too much in your relationship with them, because your own wellbeing may be compromised. Be patient and confident, and time will solve many things. Your devotion is not the most appropriate answer to this situation. Rather, you should use your reasoning. Donít wrongly spend your energy because you may get lost as well. This person needs more to be oriented that to be helped. So be professional in everything you do and this person will remain loyal and will get out it wonderfully well.

You will have a positive encounter with a young man. This young man is new in your surroundings and he is distinguished by his kindness and charm. He is a perfectionist in everything he does and he is always serious when it comes to helping someone else. He is trustworthy and always keeps his word. This young man admires you and wants to follow you (or have you as a role model). You exude something (in your personality) that impresses him, but it is difficult to understand exactly what it is, because it does not seem to precisely be anything in particular. This meeting will thus be the starting point of a growing friendship. This young man will, in the future, be a part of your life (everyday surroundings), and he will have an influence over you, your daily life, and on many of your future decisions. You will do many things with him and he will take care of you. Your health will be his greatest priority and, in addition to being one of your greatest admirers, he will also be one of your most loyal supporters (psychologically and spiritually) for the coming years.

You have work to do. You are to experience a very active period. With the help of others, you will work for the common good and for you this will be a period of prosperity and renewal in your life. You will be disciplined and prudent, and you will demonstrate a great sense of organization. Your task will be sublime and your past mistakes will be forgotten. Your ideals will be realistic and concrete and confusion will give way to accomplishment and completion. A young person will be at your side and they will have a great deal of admiration for you as much as for your work. This person was born under the astrological sign of Virgo. One Thursday morning in December will be memorable for the relationship that you will develop with this young person. More specifically, this day will be particularly important and very significant as it will determine, in a definitive manner, the way the relationship will unfold in the long-term. This prediction also highlights the role played by a river and a camping area in the interactions you will have with this young person.

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