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Somebody pushes your patience to its limits. Somebody acts deliberately in order to create problems for you or complicate your life. Do not play his/her game. What this person is doing is completely ridiculous and you must not get caught up in such childishness. It is up to you to demonstrate that you are more mature (more reasonable, more serious, and more respectable) than him/her. You must not let yourself be shaken by meanness, because you are worth more than that. You are a proud and dignified person, so no need to let yourself be distracted by actions that aim for nothing else (in the end) than to attract attention or to give someone an appearance of importance that he/she does not have. Be patient and remain calm. With time, this person will eventually realize how his/her actions have no effect, both on you as well as on those who know you well and who have always appreciated you. This person does not have the power (nor the capacity or the authority) to change anything in your life, so ignore him/her and he/she will eventually leave or leave you in peace.

Worries and stress are currently having an impact on you in a very telling way. Your current business (or activities) are not going the way you would want (or wish). It seems that you will have to adapt to a new situation (context, environment or such), which is going to be there for the long term. Something in your life has changed and there’s no going back. You have lost your bearings and will have to orient yourself in a different way. This is not necessarily a negative thing, as all indications are that you are entering a new phase of your existence. Some of your life experiences are no longer useful for you, as the change you are in the midst of is too great. It’s a little like starting all over again. You need to take back some privileges for yourself, as you have lost so many of them. On the other hand, you are still the same “fighter” and you still have all the potential you ever had. You have doubtless stumbled in one way or another but you are going to stand up again (if you haven’t already). Something has necessarily taken place that is very major, as nothing will be the same again. This change may be something that you wanted or maybe it's a normal culmination point in your life. If this is the case, it’s up to you to find your new bearings. You have now lost what you had to lose, and so from now on, you have everything to gain. Show your intelligence and you will succeed in constructing an extraordinary world (full of abundance). You can achieve great things, so if you manage your new life well, a wonderful universe awaits you.

You feel like fighting, but you must not act lightly. Your actions must be both justified and coherent. Your achievement will match the level of wisdom displayed in your approach. To that effect, caution is called for, but quitting is not an option. It says here not to back up in front of effort. Even if appearances are frightening, your adversary dreads you even more. Your opponent thinks he knows some of your weaknesses, but in reality he doesn't. You therefore have the mission to impress, and you must not fear to act like it. Time for theory is over and you must now show what you're made of. But be careful: a display of strength is a thousand times superior to a display of violence, be it verbal or physical. Hidden concepts: female friend of the Libra astrological sign, mountain, hardship, climbing, beginning, consultation, tactic, move, renewal, will, music, legal outcome, Monday, night, month of September.
Someone is interested in you. They are a very warm and kind person; liked very much by everyone. They are neither conceited nor vain. The interest they have in you is unique and special. Sometimes they have a slightly unpredictable attitude towards you, but they are always good company and you are never bored with them. This person doesn’t see life in the same way as most people; this is why you are someone special to them. You will play a sport or do a hobby with them and they will try to demonstrate their great affection for you. You will probably go to a forest, a campsite, or something similar together. You will both be connected through nature and it is this which will keep you united.

Somebody is trying to make friends with you. This person (m/f) is of quite plain appearance but, in reality, they are hiding a secret they do not want to reveal. He/she regularly tries to find out about you because he/she cannot resist the desire to know you more. You appeal to them and their thoughts are often about you. However, this person is psychologically and emotionally very patient and may take weeks before letting you know about their interest in you. Above all, he/she wants to be reassured of your real personality and your motivations in life because their past experiences have often hugely disappointed him/her. One thing is for certain, you have talked with him/her more than once in the last few days.

You will sail at sea while on holiday. You will go on a cruise. During this cruise, you will meet a person who cares deeply about you. His/her intentions will become clear enough when he/she asks you if you're married and if you have children. However you will be accompanied on this trip. Therefore, although the advances of this person pleases or flatters you, they'll put you in a rather embarrassing situation. You will even develop a sense of guilt regarding the progress of events. Your trip will end without too much hassle or discomfort, but you will return home questioning yourself about how things could have evolved differently and perhaps also with some regret. You will see this person again later in your life. This may be in a few months, but will more likely be in a few years.
Someone from your commercial entourage shows too much recklessness at the wheel. It is a man. In Astrology, his sign is Sagittarius. He has a good job, he is comfortable in all that he does and he thinks he is invincible. He has been often criticized for his carelessness in the car, but he is still not able to perceive the danger. He is stubborn and he ignores the recommendations of his close ones. This man will have a car accident in September. It will be a Wednesday, during the night. The collision will be violent and he will be injured quite seriously.

Precautions must be taken before entering into a transaction (or covenant). A situation is not really what it seems. Things (important details) are being hidden from you in a case which you are hastened to conclude. It is essential for you to learn more, because under the same conditions, other people have better things to offer you. Make sure not to conclude any agreement impulsively, because if people are so eager to have you sign a document, it is probably because you are asking (or people are afraid that you might ask) too many questions. In fact, these are probably questions that people do not want to answer for fear of having their true colors, or the truth, revealed. It might not be necessary to cancel everything, but you first have to gather more information on what is really being offered to you. You know people that can counsel you, so do not hesitate to consult them. One thing is certain, it is that you need better guarantees before signing the document that is presented to you. In short, you will have to bring the other party to give you a better proposal, because at the moment (if the offer remains unchanged) you are clearly losing. Otherwise (elsewhere) somebody else will certainly have something better to offer you.

You must determine the nature of a problem quickly and clearly. Ask for advice because that could reverse the unfavourable tendency that seems to emerge without any reason. A woman believes she is being humorous with you, but she is not funny at all. She is impatient and she probably has no confidence in you. She is the astrological sign of Aquarius, about your age, and she is part of your commercial surroundings. It is a question of a legal paper and of profits. You have to revise the paper, because there is something wrong. Key concepts: water, fish, joke, premonition, observation, untold secret, lack of confidence, Saturday, evening, month of June.
There is a severe (or highly animated) argument near you. More particularly, this is about a man who is younger than you. This man is a part of the entourage of a friend. He has a physical injury, a disability, or a visible scar. He has a very impulsive temperament, especially in love. You will not be able to remain neutral or indifferent with regards to what happens, because the discussion is evolving in a chaotic way and the reported facts are increasingly revolting. Somebody is about to act, and this act is malicious. You will have strong sensations, so be careful not to let yourself be influenced by hot heads. Here, you have the responsibility of keeping your calm and of not acting or talking impulsively. You inspire confidence and have authority, so do not answer provocations, no matter their shape. You have an excellent reputation in your environment, and so you have to work to preserve it. Yes, you have the right to be frustrated by certain events, but wisdom dictates that you remain calm and in control of your emotions, because you are very capable of doing so.

A quick and very significant gain is coming on the financial level. However, somebody close to you who has bad intentions will try to profit from it in your place. This person is a friend (man) who is temporarily in your life. This man has intelligence as a quality. He is cunning. He knows how to manipulate people and he feels no remorse in doing so. He is very bold and he often takes malicious pleasure in seducing women in order to better control them and extort from them. He loves luxury and spends enormously when he can profit from others. His personal income is fairly modest, and so he almost becomes a parasite with those who have more money than him. Be careful not to get caught in his game, because you risk losing a lot. This man is not afraid of ridiculing of humiliating people when he does not get what he wants, so you would do better not to create any bond with him.

Your love (or your great affection) for someone is legitimate and your attachment to him/her deserves to be respected. You have the right to love who you want and nobody should deprive you of this right. Here, you do not have full sentimental freedom, because somebody is putting obstacles in your ways. Be careful in your relations with the person that you love (or for whom you are affectionate), because somebody is looking to cause the failure of your relationship with him/her. The one who is looking to cause the failure of your relationship is somebody who is relatively close to you. This is somebody who is a part of your professional environment (work, business, studies, justice, healthcare, or other). This is someone who has a bad reputation and who obviously has no dignity, given his/her (contemptuous, arrogant, or rude) way of behaving and acting with the opposite sex.

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