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You will need to opt for a change in your activities with your circle of friends in order to get closer to an individual (m/f) who has a real hold on you. This effort will allow you to increase you influence on the people around this individual and to get to develop a closer relationship with him/her. This involves someone who has an effect on you that is at once stimulating and very pleasant. This individual makes you feel extremely good in your own skin and it’s almost impossible to bring yourself to separate from him/her at the end of an encounter. It is clear that you would like to see this individual more often and that you wish your meetings were longer. What’s more, it seems that you have a common interest in the occult sciences, in stories of the unusual, and/or strange phenomena. You both have great intuition and you could easily become great fans of each other. Briefly said, getting closer to each other is a possibility, but you will have to make efforts so you don’t miss the best opportunities. Your schedule needs to be adjusted and, by giving up some little things that aren’t of great importance, there is no doubt that you shouldn’t have too much difficulty in improving your lot with regard to this wish.

You’re in a remarkable period of evolution. Many things are progressing in your life. The developments are numerous and more and more favourable. The transformations that you’re currently living are so important that you’ll have to take the time to take root on solid bases so as to not let yourself be surprised by the events. You’re strong enough to withstand everything that is imposed on you but, to really benefit from your new opportunities, you’ll need to create new links. Many things have always had an observable influence on you but, from now on, you’ll need to get rid of the superfluous and keep only what will have real importance in your future existence. A new cycle begins in your life but, before going too far, make sure to realize that there are lessons to be learnt from your recent past.

A person in your daily circle is very strongly attracted to you. This attraction is one of affection, but it is also carnal (sexual). This person will try to lead you to respond to very sensitive gestures or behavior. This is someone with whom you regularly do business (commerce, store, café or other). A member of his/her family died recently. He/she is seriously afflicted by this death, but he/she is doing everything possible in order not to show it. This person wants to become closer to you, but he/she hesitates greatly about taking the initiative. He/she will soon make an effort to try to establish a more familiar relationship with you in the hope of creating a closer relationship between the two of you.
A situation is developing into a problem. A certain person (m/f) is becoming increasingly irritable or troublesome. You will have to react in order to protect your own well-being. If you fail to rid yourself of this person, you will have to start avoiding him/her as much as possible. This person is younger than you and is more drawn towards individualist than social values. He/she is stubborn and a know-it-all. There is no point in arguing or negotiating with him/her, as you will never (or almost never) have the last word. This person wants you to enter into a long-term relationship with you, but his/her attitude constitutes a genuine problem. This person will never make a compromise unless forced to do so. He/she may quickly become unpleasant if you do not agree with him/her, and thus a relationship in this context has every chance of degenerating into a nightmare. You should therefore take care not to be seduced by words that sound lovely, but are based more in fantasy than true facts. Even though it is not visible at first glance, this is an undesirable individual with the potential to rapidly become intolerable. You are clearly faced with a time-bomb, which you will soon realise if you have not already done so.

You will receive money. You will be rewarded for your efforts. It will be a surprising amount of money and you will be able to free yourself from a debt. This money will come from a man who is around your age whose astrological sign is Sagittarius. Hidden concepts: stream, pedestrianized circulation, wisdom, courtesy, profitable trust, honest sentiments, trip, judge, divorce, Saturday, night, month of January.

A young person who loves you and who is inspired by you, will undertake great challenges to impress you or to attract your attention. This young person is courageous and has as a main quality his great sense of negotiation. His/her abilities for commerce and marketing are remarkable. His/her interpersonal approach is direct and his/her philosophy on life is very down to earth. For him/her, the little details in life that are often banal for most people are little things to be considered at all times. This person pays attention to little elements that seem insignificant to most people, but which may yield much to those who know how to exploit them. In spite of his youth, this person will be a great ally in life for you. You should prepare yourself for your future interaction with him/her to be always enriching, as much socially, professionally, as from the personal point of view. Thanks to him/her, you will discover or better capture certain aspects of life that you know little about or that you have neglected to consider profoundly until now. As you engage in a very close personal friendship with this person, you will be sure to enlarge your store of knowledge on the professional level and especially in public relations.
You are having some trouble finding yourself far from a person whom you have loved. You are currently with someone else, and this is a source of guilt for you. In fact, you love two people, but you have to make a choice. You do not know if you should make this decision for your own benefit or for that of one or the other of these two people. You experience agonising moments in the realm of love. However, one of these people deserves you more than the other. Deep inside you know which one it is, because the other had often caused you psychological distress. You need to be rational and cease acting on your emotions. The best option for you is clear and you must accept it.

Your initiatives in the emotional realm will be favorable to you. You will enter into a special relationship with a person who has a great reputation. This person is of the other sex, between 45 and 54 years of age (or close to it). You don’t currently know this person very well (or not at all). He/she is in business, deals with large sums of money often, and possesses a considerable fortune. He/she is also noteworthy for his/her physical attractiveness and ability to entertain friendships with people who are politically powerful or in high finance. His/her contacts are valuable and allow him/her (when necessary) to get private meetings with people who have a lot of power or influence in the realm of public affairs (or of public administration). This person is equally demanding of him or herself, and often seeks the approval of others in his or her projects. You will become somebody special for him/her, especially on a personal level. Your role in his or her life will be focused principally in the realm of affections (intimate friendship or love), and you will be one of the rare people who will be a point of reference in the life balance regarding the smooth running of his or her professional activities. An event or an agreement in your relationship with this person will exceed your hopes, and you will benefit in a very concrete manner from your relationship with him/her (on a personal and financial level).

The suffering of a friend, a woman, is very intense (even if she hides it). This woman has as her particularities her beauty and her sweetness (extremely neat appearance and angelic personality). She is suffering from the insensitive acts of a man who is supposed to be her faithful friend. This man is having an affair with another woman and he is completely indifferent to the suffering that he is causing her. He has an egocentric attitude and he likes to dominate women. He has already deeply hurt another woman in the past and he will not hesitate to repeat the same diabolical game with your friend. He says that he wants to be forgiven, but he is not sincere. They are just empty words to better manipulate your friend. For him, conquering and cheating on women is a (nasty and cruel) game that amuses him highly. The more experience he acquires in this game, the more confident and malicious he becomes with women. Your friend will also have to monitor her money, because this man is also a profiteer and a swindler who easily accomplishes his aims.
A young woman’s/girl’s life has no meaning without you. There is a young woman/girl who absolutely needs you. You are her reason for living. The person in question is probably your own daughter; otherwise, it is a young person within your inner circle who has an excessive affection for you. You are this young woman’s/girl’s idol (or hero/heroine) and, for her, you are unquestionably the example to follow in regards to all things (and at all times). She has a pet, with which she spends a lot of her time, and her constant good mood is contagious (she is always very cheerful and smiling in your company). She tells you all her little secrets, because she trusts you blindly. You have often comforted her, given her advice or supported her through trials and tribulations which she simply could not have faced without you. You are the first person to whom she turns when she needs to talk, and that is not about to change, no matter what the future may hold. This young woman/girl loves you unconditionally (very powerfully) and she will always be immensely happy to have you beside her and to feel your presence (the invisible, mysterious, and reassuring energy – aura or otherwise – that you give off and that is your own).

An audacious challenge faces you. You can overcome it but only on the condition that you feel totally determined, good about yourself, and ready to take risks. Here, the issue is money and ambition. You have the choice of remaining in your current position or to take a new professional direction that could prove quite profitable over the long term. On the other hand, nothing is going to happen without your feeling comfortable with this opportunity and without your making the final decision. So it comes back to you to evaluate your chances and options. You are at a turning point in your life right now, and this turning point will be critical for the years to come. Thus, it is very important to reflect carefully about the question, for whatever decision you make, it will have a very long-term impact.

You are making very positive progress professionally, and you have the support of a woman who is approximately the same age as you. You do not have a close relationship with her at this time, but she likes the way you do things and she supports your actions indirectly. This woman has a lot of influence on others and a great ability to express herself on many subjects. She is a leader and she communicates what she advocates easily. She will be at your side in many of your future initiatives, and she will help you to finalize agreements which are incredibly profitable (financial prosperity). You have every reason to be optimistic regarding your future, especially in the long term. You will have some very good ideas and you will make intelligent and conscientious decisions. You will be able to recognize dishonest offers and you will know not to trust questionable people. Your intuition will be correct and you will know how to use your impulsiveness with style at the appropriate moment. This woman is your ally, and she will remain your ally for all your life. Even if you attain success through your own ideas and initiatives, this woman will always be frank and very honest with you. You will learn to listen to her and to appreciate her, no matter what your certainties or your doubts are. Her importance for your entire life will be great because she will help you (perhaps even unconsciously) to remain in harmony with yourself.

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