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A love for you will be heard by many ears. A person (m/f) will have an obvious and very visible attraction towards you and this will make many people gossip within your circle of friends. Stories will even be exaggerated about your possible affair and many things will be said about you and this person, often without real facts. The reciprocal love that you will have for this person will not be as evident, but this will not prevent all sorts of gossip from being spread about your relationship with them. There will be a lot of chatting about this matter. Above all, it will be others who, by their idle gossip, will picture an intimate relationship between the two of you, before you even really have one. There is no doubt that a very genuine rumour will be spread about your relationship with this person. Many people will be convinced about the reliability of this story and everything indicates that you will never really be in a position to explain what is true and false on this matter.

You cherish the loyalty of a person (m/f) closely linked with you. This is a friendship that has lasted a long while. However, this person now lives far from you. You will take a trip with him/her (or you will travel to their country or region). You will benefit from immeasurable privilege because of this person. There is also question of a port, a boat and a storyline. You will have a courageous choice to make and this choice will have a direct and decisive impact on your love life. Events will be lining up and one situation will shift to your favor. This person will intervene financially for you and something wonderful is waiting for you. A hardship you are going through will end and you will be honored for your generosity. An extraordinary opportunity will present itself to you. This trip will be a dream comes true.

A romantic dispute between a man and a woman who have close ties to you will upset you very much. More specifically, the woman is about your age. Itís especially obvious that this is an authoritarian relationship. There are domination and restrictions. One partnerís inflexibility leads to tempestuous behavior. Although you want things to work out quickly and appropriately, you wonít be able to help but notice how the situation is deteriorating. Things are about to be done that canít be undone, and a breakup is inevitable. This woman will take the road of no return. She will leave the home she shares with her husband, because she can no longer stand the psychological pain.
You are worried by the health of a person of the opposite sex and who is a little younger than you. Your words and actions betray your feelings. This is someone of foreign origin (or who is new in your environment.) However, this person seems to be playing you. Either he/she is opportunistic, or she is downright dishonest (in a relative context.) You must be careful to not let yourself be manipulated. This person is looking for your friendship (or pity) in order to better take advantage of your feelings. His/her actions are aimed at extracting money from you or to get financial support from you. You must keep a cool head, because apart from small negligible problems regarding his/her health, if there really is somebody sick, this person is not being entirely honest with you. Be careful not to fall into too much empathy, because this person is probably not as sick as he/she pretends to be (or tries to have you believe.) It may be possible that he/she is not lying to you, and if this is the case, it is that his/her remarks suggest a deformation (or exaggeration) of the truth which could be interpreted in several ways. It is also possible that this person needs money and that he/she is using a minor health problem to get help from you. If that is the case, it isn't not recommended to help him/her, but only under the condition that this person is telling you the truth, and nothing else which could lead to any confusion on his/her real state of health. You are not likely insensitive to this person's problems, regardless of their nature, but this does not give him/her any right to lie to you or to abuse your kindness. (Important : If this is someone who contacted you via Internet and whom you have never met, the possibility of a fraud or scam is extremely high and should be considered before anything else!)

Your way of progressing is excellent. Itíll even be superior to the norm and itíll lead you to achieving one of your dreams in the coming months. Your professional or financial results will have an unsuspected impact on your social standing and this will make the people around you have a lot of respect for you. Your know-how will be exceptional and it will allow you to solve most of the difficulties that will present themselves to you with remarkable ability and speed. Your objectives are decidedly very viable and youíll have the potential to achieve them within a timeframe thatís really more than reasonable. More specifically, a fundamental wish in your projects for the future will come true in the short term, probably within the next two months. In the long term, time will definitely be on your side. Your business will be distinctly more profitable than your rivalsí and youíll have the ability to constantly increase your achievements. Your success will be total because youíll make wiser and wiser decisions over the years but also because of a truly prevailing development of your transactions and strategic investments.

Youíre divided by two desires at the love level. Your thoughts are pure but your two desires are not compatible. There seems to be a confusion between ďyouthĒ and ďmaturityĒ. Bipolarity is evident and you donít clearly arrive to a decision about what you really desire. You need to find the best path for you but you hesitate between two roads. Towards one side, sexuality is whatís driving you and, towards the other, itís comfort and financial security. This is probably a question of two totally different people. Whatís certain is that you canít have both, so a ripping choice must be made. It doesnít matter what your decision is but you absolutely must make a decision, otherwise, disgrace awaits you.
You will improve a close relationship thatís precious to you. You are ambitious regarding your desire to become closer with a person (m/f) of your entourage and time works in your favor. Be patient, because youíre on the right track. Even if this person does not clearly show it, he/she has great admiration for you. This person has already suffered a great deal in experiencing a disproportionate love for someone and it will take him/her time before embarking on a new path that could once again put him/her in a position of vulnerability with respect to another person. Remain sensitive and philosophical, but keep persevering. This person is refined and will soon depart on a journey. This journey will be a turning point in your relationship with him/her. It has to do with an airplane/airport and a park/flowers. This person will cross a border and his/her change of scenery will have a crucial trigger effect. His/her attitude will change and his/her open mind will blossom.

A friend of one of your friends, a woman of about your age, is trying to embarrass you or intimidate you, and that is in a rather mischievous way. From the physical point of view, this woman has an injury, a disability or a visible permanent scar. And from the point of view of the personality, she is immature and acts like a kid. She is in love with your friend and this love is very possessive. Therefore, even if you may not be seen as a threat to her, she feels compelled to act in a mocking and hurtful way towards you. However, you do not have to fear her actions because you are benefited with an emotional strength that you control well, and you can hardly be destabilized by such childishness. On the other hand, you will have to continue to take her actions seriously (especially the ones you do not see), because even if she cannot destabilize you emotionally or mentally, she has the ability to harm you physically or monetarily. This woman has preconceived notions about you, and even if none of the things she imagines about you are justified, she is determined to avenge or punish you (wrongly and hypocritically).

You canít turn back. You need to go forward with your project. However, itís better to wait for the opportune moment before taking action. You need to be prudent. You have a journey to make beforehand. You need to refresh yourself. You wonít make this journey alone. You will ask someone to go with you. This person will be a member of your family. The journey will be a cruise. You want to breathe the sea air. You know that the sea air will let you recharge your batteries, and you arenít wrong. You will go sailing on a sea or an ocean. The journey will be a complete success. It will be enchanting and invigorating. You will bring a memorable souvenir back with you.
You need to be surrounded by people. You are more productive, you live better and are happier when you have the opportunity to work in association with others. You like to mix with people and like team projects rather than one-person ventures. Even if conflicts are inevitable, you negotiate honestly, you are open to compromise and you always seem to find common ground to solve any problems which may arise. Given that your entire life is centered on teamwork, it is through working together with others and joint action which will allow you to achieve financial success and where you will find love. On top of all this, since you like to help and teach, throughout your life, many people will turn to you because you are a resourceful human being.

You are charming. Others appreciate your gentleness, politeness and your manners. However, you are a perfectionist at the professional level and you easily criticize yourself. Be careful not to destroy yourself psychologically or socially because you are meticulous and you always judge yourself quite harshly. On the other hand, your great attention to detail makes you a wise and far-sighted human being. You can anticipate dangerous or harmful events faster and more naturally than anyone else. This chain ends in a decisive way which means that you will save someone in danger or who has a serious injury. You will probably perform a heroic act and/or rescue someoneís life.

Time passes too quickly and you are not reaching the results that you are looking for. What seems in your way is a woman who is somewhat younger than you and who acts faster than you. The relationship you have with her is very complex and is not at all favorable to you. In fact, the relationship you have with this woman even has a direct impact on your personal life (health, love, dreams, future plans, etc.) You have only recently known this woman. She has her beauty and her great physical attraction as her virtues. She has a lot of friends and she can get countless favors from very influential people. This is a sensual and proud woman, and she knows how to maintain her intimate relationships with intelligence. She is very warm (maybe a little too much) with men, and this regularly creates swirls around her. This woman is currently facing legal problems, and she will soon have to appear in court. Upcoming events will therefore be much more favorable if you want to get out from her grip once and for all. You have legitimate ambitions and you will have a golden opportunity to get her out of your life. In the mean time, be careful, because this woman can complicate your life enormously if you cause her the slightest trouble. She is presently in a position to make you lose an acquired capital which could force you to start again from scratch in a life project that is very precious to you. It is thus advisable to remain careful, and to avoid as much as possible to fall to too much impulsive behavior (or to take too impulsive decisions) because of her.

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