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By Denis Lapierre - Personal website

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An audacious business opportunity will be given to you. Important monetary income will be promised to you if you involve yourself financially in a project. The sum that you will have to invest will be considerable and a bank loan will probably be necessary. Be careful, because this process is clearly (and from the start) destined to fail. Benefits will not be forthcoming and nobody will be there to return your money or to give you intelligent explanations regarding what did not work. This business is suspicious and everything rests on unrealistic expectations (fictional or fanciful). No credible market study was conducted and no real competent person was consulted or is associated with it. If you invest in this enterprise, you will certainly lose a large amount of money. In short, this opportunity has all the characteristics of a scam rather than a real business transaction. Yes, if you fall in this trap, you will quickly impoverish yourself, and in an irreversible manner. This offer will come from a man who is approximately your age. He will be introduced to you by someone in your surroundings. He has against him his hypocrisy and dishonest thoughts. Watch out, because he perseveres and is convincing. Once he has fleeced you, he will disappear.

Someone (m/f) is looking to either get closer to you or seduce you. You will be the victim of excessive kindness which you will find embarrassing. Here, we are talking about a friend close to you. On a social level, this person has a lot of power over others. He/she has a job and a stable income which brings him/her a financial security that is the envy of many people. This person will offer you a financial agreement tinged with an ulterior motive (either romantic or sexual.) This is a transaction for a loan, a mortgage, a trip, or a contract that has real financial benefit to you. This person knows that you want to fulfill a dream and he/she will offer you his/her financial support in order to allow you to do it. The offer will be tempting, but you will need to seriously consider the reasons before this proposal before making a decision. This person really has the means to help you, but he/she also hopes to use this opportunity to increase his/her chances to have a more intimate relationship with you. Although this will not (or hardly) be an issue during your talks, you will have to know how to read between the lines. In fact, the very protective behavior that this person constantly exhibits towards you is no longer a surprise for you, and speaks volumes to the effect that you have on him/her. In any case, you know enough about this person to know what he/she thinks about you. Because of this, when the time comes, everything should be pretty obvious to you.

A new lasting friendship with a man will soon develop. This manís strength is his ability to communicate with people as well as his great influence on others. He has a creative soul and, thanks to his success, he has managed to reach significant financial independence. His confidence in you will be disturbing. He will quickly confide in you about his private life. Because of your personality and your close relationship with him, you will become a major moral support for him. On the other hand, you will need to be careful to be discrete about your relationship with him since this man is very well known. Furthermore, it will not help you to speak with many people about your relationship with this man since most people will simply not believe you. People will be blinded by jealousy and you should not be hindered by them, because you risk being ridiculed or suffering uselessly. You will therefore have to concentrate as best as you can on your relationship with this man, paying no attention to others, since only in this way will you be able to fully appreciate a very beautiful relationship with him.
You have a need to move, travel, explore and take a breath of fresh air. Your desire is to travel the world and discover new horizons. You cannot travel over-seas, but still you will take a short trip that is not too far away, that will bring about a pleasant change of scenery. During this trip you will meet a man who is younger than yourself. The places that you discover through his advice will pleasantly surprise you. This man whose astrology sign is Sagittarius lives near a lake. He has the gift of healing. He will give you enormous energy (positive) and you will be touched by the smell of his environment. Key concepts: harbour, boat, train, influence, scent, healer, harmony, social power, positive change, respect, Saturday morning, month of June.

You need to consider a period of rest or vacation in the coming months or in the coming weeks. Your situation at work (or in your professional activities) is becoming difficult or downright exhausting. You need to rethink your long term objectives, because not everything is working out as expected. You have to think about this, because some things must be put in perspective. It seems that you are hesitating too much to take an action or a decision that would be beneficial for you in the long term. Regardless of whether this might displease others, you have to think of yourself above all. More particularly, you have to be wary of a young man who is very ambitious and who does not hide it. He is making bold moves and this hurts (or considerably delays) your possibilities for promotion regarding your career or business plan. This young man is toying with you instead of revealing his true intentions. He manages to influence many people, and not always for the good of everyone. You know him well, because he is very close to you. You will have to learn to see him more as a rival than as a friend, because it is clear that he covets the same things as you (position, responsibilities, promotion, customers, market share, or other.)

An event was experienced as a tough emotional blow by a person close to you. This person is of the opposite sex and about your age. He/she is part of your close circle of friends but doesnít have any really close tie to you. This person is in love with you. He/she is nice and has charm, but he/she feels rejected by you. This is someone you see almost every day (work, studies, or other) and with whom you often have long conversations. He/she regularly has secret and persistent thoughts about you (fantasies, future plans), and this is getting more and more unhealthy. This person will soon say some extremely unpleasant words for you. His/her goal will be to hurt you (psychologically), and he/she will succeed. This person is frustrated and his/her actions clearly show it. It will be imperative that you straighten out your friendship with this person, because he/she is problematic. You probably act too friendly (naÔvely) toward him/her, which leads him/her to think that he has rights over you, which is not the case at all. You absolutely must change the type of relationship that you have with this person, because he/she ďdreamsĒ about you too much, and that could lead him (over time) to behave extremely offensively toward you.
An offer was made to you, but you will need a guarantee. A young woman is showing a sensitivity that she does not usually have with you. In fact, she is showing herself to be more tolerant and less impatient. This young woman seems to have evolved towards greater maturity, but she still has much to do to (really) earn your confidence. You need a commitment on her part to be convinced that she is on the right track. Although she is doing everything to win your esteem, you have to stay on your guard because of her desire to impress you and to show herself to be as fit as you in various tasks. She has certainly not yet reached the level of wisdom that you expect from her, and as such you will continue to have to guide her. However, given her good will, it will soon be time for you to get used to give her more responsibilities, because this is what she needs the most to grow and become the person that you want her to become.

You cherish the loyalty of a person (m/f) closely linked with you. This is a friendship that has lasted a long while. However, this person now lives far from you. You will take a trip with him/her (or you will travel to their country or region). You will benefit from immeasurable privilege because of this person. There is also question of a port, a boat and a storyline. You will have a courageous choice to make and this choice will have a direct and decisive impact on your love life. Events will be lining up and one situation will shift to your favor. This person will intervene financially for you and something wonderful is waiting for you. A hardship you are going through will end and you will be honored for your generosity. An extraordinary opportunity will present itself to you. This trip will be a dream comes true.

You have a move to make on the financial side. You foresee (within the next month or next year) to spend or save more money than usual (in preparation for a major investment), therefore you will have to secure or consolidate your financial situation (adapt or adjust your budget accordingly) in order not to reduce your quality of life. You desire a greater long-lasting material comfort but this comfort has a price which requires changes and new habits. Hence, you will soon have to submit yourself to new life conditions that will be slightly more restrictive for you. Since you suffer from a significant social pressure in this regard, itís imperative for you to be more determined than ever.
A financial proposition will be made to you with much enthusiasm, but it will not be definitive and you will have to be careful before answering to it. This proposition, if you accept it too quickly, may slow you down in some of your activities and lead you into a rather annoying dead end. It is clear that this agreement could be interesting in the distant future, but for the moment it might bring you more disadvantages than advantages. Even if the idea of this proposition may be avant-garde, it is this very avant-gardism that is the problem with it. Mistakes in its application are to be feared, for it may lead to a loss of trust by people who are faithful to you and who regularly do business with you. Be careful not to place those around you into an uncomfortable position because an agreement that lacks maturity. You will have to prove your serenity and good judgment.

Itís a question of money, a lot of money! You are currently making (or you will make) the right moves to gain large amounts of money. Money and wealth are clearly present in your future. Here itís no question of lotteries or gambling, but itís about an original business move (or very profitable investments) and extremely intelligent decisions. Your financial concerns will disappear completely. Youíll deal with a personal (or family) wealth of great value. Youíll have everything you need to live comfortably and youíll realize some wild dreams (travels, luxurious properties, etc.). But beware: such a wealth creates some additional needs (and dependencies). You must be wary of how you spend. Youíll need to avoid blind and chaotic abuses. Never forget where you started from. Youíll not bring anything more to the other world than what you have received at your birth. Youíll be asked to share (charity organizations, people in need, etc.) and youíll have the duty to do it. Selfishness and indifference are traps that you have to avoid, so keep both feet well on the ground. What is given to you today could be claimed from you tomorrow (when you least expect it or sooner than you think). The divine has his own reasons that only he can explain. Therefore, just be what you are called to be and nothing more. Escape from evil thoughts and behaviors and in the hereafter you will gain something far greater than money.

Somebody from the beyond is watching over you. This has to do with an individual whom you have cherished for a long time. It is probably someone who died or an extraordinary being in whom you had total trust. This individual is accompanying you (unbeknownst to you or invisibly) and he/she is following your trajectory through life very closely. He/she loves you unconditionally and he/she is determined (if need be) to help you in all dimensions of your existence on earth. He/she has already protected you during a major trial and he/she will continue to lend you a strong arm for as long as you need it from him/her. Thus, it is clear that you can overcome great challenges thanks to this individual. Therefore, great things await you for those moments that will be most critical in shaping your life. Moreover, this individual can hear you perfectly and very clearly every time you call him/her by name and speak to him/her, so he/she asks you to have no further doubts about this.

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