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Denis Lapierre

You will momentarily need to slow down or suspend your everyday activities in order to respond to a situation that will require a great time investment from your part. This isnít something urgent but something with priority. Itís expected that you get involved in an activity that has great importance in your professional* environment. This activity is very significant for some of your work* colleagues and you wonít be able to run away from it. Itíll disrupt your plans and especially your schedule. This activity is related to your work* but itíll take place outside, at a different place that youíre not necessarily familiar with. Each personís role will be shared and youíll be required to closely associate with a woman (colleague, teammate, etc.) to carry out a task. However, a mess will have to be overcome and an unexpected expense will have to be taken care of. Youíll face true chaos, thus your patience and your sense for creativity will be what will allow you to get things in order. Without a doubt, there will be disagreements between certain people but itís nothing that you wonít be able to manage. Despite the contingencies and the efforts itíll require of you, this event will be a great success. Youíll live happy, memorable moments. Youíll be able to feel very proud of the work accomplished. *(This event may be connected to a charitable organization as well as to a professional activity).

A difference of opinions, thoughts or desires will create a frustration with a person who is in love with you. This disagreement lies at a flow of money. This person is not officially (or legitimately) related to you, but he/she is active in your intimate circle and he/she is known by all members of your family. This is a person who is kind and charming. However, as he/she has always been financially independent, he/she is often adamant about everything related to money. As a result, when he/she is upset, he/she can quickly become authoritative and not accept any wrongdoing. You'll have to be very clever in your strategy to convince him/her about a project or an initiative that you have in mind. Your determination will not be sufficient to assert your views, because this person is really stubborn. However, there is a smart way to approach (or influence) this person. You know what you have to do in order to ensure that your disagreement turns in your favor, but you also know that to achieve this you will have to make a deal that is not very nice (or is more or less against the values that you defend). Unfortunately you will not get something for nothing, so get ready to do this famous compromise, because it is inevitable.

You will recover a new (emotional and financial) balance following a ruling that will be given (court, tribunal, government, judge, etc.) A person who is hostile to you will be removed from you path and he/she will no longer represent an obstacle or a threat to you. This person will stop causing you trouble and suffering. This judgement is associated to a compromise on your part. It concerns an arbitration and discussions regarding a sum of money (a rather significant amount), and a formal agreement (legal papers) with a man linked to justice (lawyer, legal counsel, or other). This is a proud and determined man. He has already helped you in the past and you know him rather well (not intimately). He has a physical injury, a handicap, or a visible scar. He participates to social activities which have as their goal to help poor people (or he is part of a social support club or center). His activities lead him to help people who have particular needs and who could not solve their problems without the assistance of a professional to help them or guide them.
A supplementary monetary income or a new source of money (periodic or regular) is coming. You will be compensated generously for a job well done. If you are looking for a new job, you will find one very soon. If you are not looking for a new job and are fairly satisfied with your current job, you are about to receive a promotion (or a salary increase) which is well-deserved. Otherwise, it doesnít matter if you work or not : regardless of its origin, your income will increase. Whatever the case, you should expect to receive more money from your daily activities (or from your annuities or your investment income). You have worked hard for this money (or for this new job or promotion), and you really deserve it.

Abundance, financial well-being and comfort are values acquired for your long-term future. Despite some situations that will lead you to undergo unavoidable ordeals, your destiny will be generally favourable, especially on the financial side, leading to some very good business. Your dynamism will stand you in good stead and you will experience fantastic periods of social advancement. In your projects, you will be increasingly self-reliant, rather than dependent on others, and this will bear fruit, bringing you repeated opportunities to distinguish yourself. There will be a large element of merit to your success and this will receive public recognition. Your realism in business will be noticed and this will facilitate the creation of professional relationships that will benefit you greatly. Your decisions will cause you to prosper, even if sometimes in unexpected or unplanned situations.

A man covets one of your possessions. You will have to protect what is yours from the activities of this person. Be on your guard, as this man is a member of your entourage. He has an authoritarian and intransigent personality. His thirst for money and his excessive opportunism continuously lead him to try to profit from the misfortune of others. He is also dangerous because of his intelligence and his cunning in manipulating situations, people and their opinions. He can contrive all kinds of strategies and traps in order to get hold of one of your possessions or to dislodge you from a position that is yours by right. In the past, this man has often acquired things dishonestly or by taking advantage of the weaknesses of others and he will not hesitate to do so again at your expense.
Movements, events, and activities in your surroundings will lead to confusion and anxiety. The actions of a man will be the cause. A romantic link will be broken. This man will commit adultery. It is also possible that he has already done so. His wife (or his spouse) will be deeply destabilized. She will experience virtual psychological annihilation. Her health will be affected. Her family will have to help her avoid sinking into depression. This woman was madly in love, and therefore, her world will collapse completely. She will have to start again from scratch. Her return to health will be difficult, but it will make her stronger for the future. Her trial, although difficult, will finally be a great lesson for her. This woman will arrive at a very mature outlook on life. A better life awaits her with another man. Her future is beaming with happiness and promises that will be kept. Her married life will blossom later, and she will be truly happy. However, it will be with a man who will be notably more respectful, and truly in love with her.

You are in a wonderfully favorable time. Your well-being is built on solid bases, because you take the time to plan things properly. You know how to recognize good implications and you quickly understand how to build them in the long-term. Time is your ally and your happiness will grow and become stronger day by day. Because of your need for closeness with people, your relation with the people who gravitate closely around you will be extraordinarily friendly, and even maybe very affectionate for a great many of them. You are sensitive and you have great values, so life without marriage is not (or will not be) an option for you. Where you are concerned, married life is sacred and, more specifically on a spiritual level, everything must be officialized according to the most solemn standards. You believe in true love and, as you have the right attitude, there is no doubt that you will know it. In a more divinatory angle, it is revealed to you that you will set many hearts a-flutter, but that only one will have the right to your greatest privileges. You will make the person who will share your life extremely happy, and in return, you will be a very fulfilled person on the emotional level. You know how to do the right thing, and time will reward you for your consistency.

You are finding things tough psychologically or you are going through a difficult spiritual period. Someone is overprotective of you or is holding you captive in a golden cage. This person believes he/she is doing the right thing, but is in fact destroying you from the inside, since he/ she is depriving you of your freedom to think and to take decisions. He/ she subjects you to his/ her way of doing things and he/she rewards you each time you prove that you have given in to his/ her way. Your desires are unfulfilled and your spirituality does not grow independently. You are forced to give up your beliefs and to bow to this personís convictions, even if that is in some way humiliating for you. You would like to free yourself from this impasse, but you are paralysed by the fear of change and fear of the unknown. The person in question here is a friend, a woman from your professional circle with whom you feel no affinity whatsoever, but who continues to believe that you are indebted to her for her support. She is patient but egocentric. Since she is in a better situation financially than you, she considers herself morally superior to you. She has a dominating character and is not very intuitive. Her star sign is Libra and she has a special, but enigmatic, bond with sea salt. A meaningful interaction with her will take place one Sunday afternoon in February. This interaction will demonstrate, beyond all doubt, the great contradiction which this women faces in her relationship with you.
A woman wants to ask you some questions. This woman is younger than you. Her questions relate to your personal life, but financially. She wants to clarify a situation that does not seem very clear to her. She thinks you are hiding information from her. In fact, she wants to talk with you about something you donít normally confide to others. She knows that you have no bad intentions, but she believes that you should open yourself to her more regarding this matter. It is a sensitive issue for you and she is fully aware of that. It seems to be a financial problem you have now or have had in the past, or legal papers that are not in order or that are causing you great concerns.

You will have to make an important decision regarding an aged man who is one of your close relatives. This man currently lives with a lady, but this lady does not, or no longer has, either the health or the means to take care of him or help him. Here, it is a question of two seniors who have been together for many years. The man is now facing health complications of all sorts, and the woman has difficulty containing her emotions with regards to her inability to take things in hand. You are very attached to this old couple (great affection) and obviously you are not insensible to their difficulties. What is certain is that you have always been there for them, and you will continue to be. You love these people deeply and everything that they are living is for you also a trial for you to go through. Certainly, the right decisions are becoming increasingly difficult to make, but there comes a time when they have to be taken. Do not doubt yourself, because you are doing your best, and everybody knows it.

You are motivated by a desire to depart in search of adventure. Do you perhaps seek a new love in your life? Novelty and the discovery of the unknown seem to be the response to the majority of your preoccupations. You feel the need to leave your current comfort zone to go toward the unpredictable. You dream of marvels and surprises. You want to free yourself from your current concerns to head toward other places where everything can be remade. Your urges are totally legitimate, but be careful to remain a realist. You can accomplish great things, but you must remain prudent. Donít hesitate to realize your dreams, because if you donít find happiness in one place, itís inevitably elsewhere.

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