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A rival or an enemy will throw a spanner into the works. It will be an intelligent person who has great experience in life. This person has a vision of all your business plans and you appear as a threat to them. Do not succumb to confrontation because you donít presently have the (financial) ability to oppose their power or domination. This person will try to make you spend your money in order to weaken you. Youíll have to ignore and avoid them as much as possible if you want to be able to continue on your way freely. Show that you are submissive (in appearance) and you will succeed in bringing them around. The more you manage to play a role, the more you will have control over them. Be crafty and show how disciplined you are. Youíll then be able to reduce their wariness for you. Show your patience and youíll get your revenge later on.

A woman who is part of your inner circle wants to comfort you with regards to a growing concern that is currently taking root within you. This concern is closely linked to your work or to an activity that you practice on a regular basis. This is a work where teamwork is essential, or it is an activity that you do with several other people. More specifically, it relates to a close (or loving) relationship that you have with one of the people that you frequent with regards to your work or during this activity. This relationship makes you very emotional, because it constantly makes you go through all kinds of emotions, from great happiness to guilt, to dismay and hope (and vice-versa). Here, we are talking about mixed emotions that can cause a great emotional vulnerability (or instability). You need to confide in someone, because this is becoming almost unbearable (or seriously disturbing). This woman wants you to open your heart to her and you can trust her. You can tell her everything without fear of being judged. She is older than you and she is very wise. Externally, she has her manual dexterity and her artistic ability as virtues, and internally, she is a responsible, loving, and very intuitive woman. She will enlighten you on two aspects that oppose each other in your life, that is, perseverance in love and emotional independence.

You will have favourable relations with a man who is part of the surroundings of one of your (male) friends. Your relationship with this man will be of a professional or business nature, and it will allow you to increase your knowledge, your skills, or your contacts with regards to your (current or future) professional activities. You will have personalities that will complement each other marvellously well, and as such there will be a great complicity (or camaraderie) between you two. During the coming years, in addition to becoming one of your main business partners (or a high level work colleague) this man will also be one of your most loyal friends (or allies). In addition, he is directly linked to a work-related progress. This man will support you in a professional endeavour and you will benefit from his influence among various decision makers (new job, promotion, business contract?) There is also a national or international enterprise (company, agency, factory, or other) where there are many workers (hundreds or thousands). Your reputation will grow rapidly in this enterprise and in a short amount of time you will have privileged contacts (or a personal relationship) with some of its key leaders.
You will once again find a place, a building, or an object that you have not seen for several years. This is something that has great emotional and personal value for you. This thing concerns someone who passed through your life and that marked you deeply (great mutual love). You have not had any contact with this person for a long time, and you might never see him/her again (on Earth). This person has left your life, leaving you with an emotional injury that is very hard to bear. You took a lot of time to heal from this separation. This departure was very heartbreaking for you, but at least you know that this person did not leave you for someone else. On the contrary, he/she needed to isolate him/herself to do some self-analysis. This is someone who lives in a rather solitary way (internally) and who shares his/her feelings (his/her sorrows and anxieties) only very little. His/her professional life (person who helps others) predominates over his love life, and it will remain so forever. This person has a philosophy of life in which collective happiness prevails over individual happiness, so that his/her personal happiness is not his/her goal in life, and never will be. This person might have passed away (or might be a celestial creature), but not necessarily, and nothing indicates this with certitude. Despite his/her departure, you must know that he/she has never forgotten you and that he/she will never forget you (no matter whether he/she is here on Earth or in the afterlife). This person still loves you (intensely) and still often thinks of you, but he/she must continue his/her journey, because the divine has willed it so.

Somebody worries/alarms you over nothing. A person (m/f) is displaying very demanding behaviour and making you waste your time (or else they are monopolising your attention more than is necessary). This person lacks maturity (or has an enormous lack of self-confidence). He/she worries about everything and is practically incapable (by himself/herself) of taking decisions that are constructive or favourable to himself/herself in the long-term. No, this person is not a child, but rather an adult displaying very childish behaviour. Be careful of his/her anxiety, because it controls his/her life and spreads alarm amongst everyone. This person lives in a world of unnecessary fears and unfounded concerns. He/she behaves as if the end of the world were imminent. Yes, you can help him/her, but you must not allow yourself to be swayed by him/her (or as little as possible), otherwise your life will become a nightmare.

Your mind is serene and at peace with itself, but a passion is seeking to be manifested. You are rational and methodical in everything you do, but you want to get out of your routine. You sometimes have the desire for craziness (small or large) and want some recklessness. Magic is living inside your heart and you need to live experiences that are out of the ordinary. This magic is broken down into three elements: mysticism, love, and wonder. You thus need to grow more and live differently (live your passions). You thirst for discovery and new knowledge through your own life experiences, not those of others. Stay on course and listen to your heart, because you will live through exciting adventures which will happen in a future that is much closer than you think.
You have recently experienced financial constraints, but fortunately everything comes to an end and you will soon cease suffering from them. On the other hand, even if the situation was only temporary, there were consequences and their effects are still being felt. It is impressive, however, to see how resistant you are when faced with adversity. Of course suffering affects you like it does every human being, ďbut it does not blind youĒ. You have a strength within you (extraordinary or supernatural) that firmly holds you on to life (In all circumstances) and which passes all understanding. It allows you to go through trials that would nonetheless overwhelm many people. This force is such that it is inexplicable (on the level of human thought). You manage to keep your composure in the face of the biggest challenges and you know how to remain standing at the most critical moments. In short, whatever the trial, you always succeed in getting through it and you will do so once more. Things will quickly return to normal for you and people will once again wonder how you do it. But who, then, are you to succeed in such exploits? Trials make you grow more than they do a lot of people, so by bouncing back like you know so well how to do, you will assuredly reach great heights. In this sense, this transition in your life will not be solely negative as it will also lead you to see things more clearly and to blossom even more professionally and financially. So there is nothing more to add: Success awaits you (success, prosperity, happiness and fulfilment) because it is part of your final attainment on earth, and you have already long chosen the right path that will lead you to it.

Your current professional situation limits you in your projects for the future. Yes, itís satisfactory for the moment, but it definitely wonít be this way in the long term. Moreover, itís not only a financial matter, but also a question of self-esteem, as you know very well that you could do better. You have great ideas in your head but you donít put enough interest in your capabilities or in your entrepreneurial qualities. Itís evident that youíre creative and that you can contribute novelty to your surroundings, but everything seems to indicate that you donít dare to venture towards the unknown. However, you donít need to abandon everything to get into something new and original. Itís useless to shove everything aside to improve your existence. You only have to go progressively. Just be a little more imaginative in your time management and in making projects for yourself and youíll accomplish great things. You have the personality of someone that can push the limits and, to do that, youíll have to dare. Ingenuity, astuteness, and audacity are the three key elements in your professional success. One canít go without the rest and two wonít be enough for you. You will have to gather all tree key elements if you want to stand out. Itís up to you to take action.

A woman wants you to take her with you. She is younger than you and belongs to your social circle. Astrologically, she is a Gemini. You have changed to a different group or team and she feels completely abandoned. You didnít think you were doing anything wrong but you didnít fully realize the depth of the attachment that she feels for you. This woman is patient and intuitive but, above all, hypersensitive. You have put forth a lot of effort for her and you thought you had freed her now. However, she has been overcome by a feeling of rejection or disapproval. This woman likes to keep you near when making decisions. In her eyes, you represent maturity and wisdom and she trusts you blindly, even if she sometimes tries to assert herself rather clumsily. This woman has legal paperwork to take care of and a small medical intervention to undergo. She will soon participate in a real estate transaction and she needs you in order to feel secure. A very important event will take place on a Monday afternoon in September. This will happen at a place with a forest and a nearby stream.
You need a break. You have to rebuild your resources (psychologically) following a mishap or a profound disagreement that you had with a young person. This is a young man who could not care less about social norms and who constantly seeks to impose his authority over others (people who are more emotional, more sensitive, or more psychologically vulnerable than him). He is currently in a relationship that is not sustainable (in the long term). He promises her the moon and flees from his responsibilities. He is not honest in his intimate relationships and this always causes great pain. He has made you spend money in a completely irresponsible way and this put you in an extremely delicate situation (temporarily precarious). He is one of your close friends, but this will soon change, because he is about to take another life path (go away from you or disappear from your life). Be careful not to ruin your health because of him, because he only brings you stress (nothing else). He must make his life choices by himself and assume all the consequences alone. You have to stop feeling concerned by his acts, because this is not your role, nor will it ever be.

A young womanís/girlís life has no meaning without you. There is a young woman/girl who absolutely needs you. You are her reason for living. The person in question is probably your own daughter; otherwise, it is a young person within your inner circle who has an excessive affection for you. You are this young womanís/girlís idol (or hero/heroine) and, for her, you are unquestionably the example to follow in regards to all things (and at all times). She has a pet, with which she spends a lot of her time, and her constant good mood is contagious (she is always very cheerful and smiling in your company). She tells you all her little secrets, because she trusts you blindly. You have often comforted her, given her advice or supported her through trials and tribulations which she simply could not have faced without you. You are the first person to whom she turns when she needs to talk, and that is not about to change, no matter what the future may hold. This young woman/girl loves you unconditionally (very powerfully) and she will always be immensely happy to have you beside her and to feel your presence (the invisible, mysterious, and reassuring energy Ė aura or otherwise Ė that you give off and that is your own).

There will be the birth of a girl. However, this birth is filled with rumors. The circumstances are unusual or nonstandard and that causes gossip. This even creates uneasiness for certain immediate family members of the future mother. In spite of everything, this child is desired and expected with great excitement. The preparations are exciting, joyful and inspiring. It is also disclosed here that, the months following this birth, the mother will receive an unexpected love proposition.

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