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Denis Lapierre

An individual has been behaving coldly toward you. In fact, he/she is trying to diminish you or intimidate you because he/she is terribly jealous of you. Yes, he/she is unpleasant, but he/she has no power over you. To tell the truth, if he/she acts so superior with you, itís simply because he/she wants to feel important. Actually, this individual is outright stupid and his/her behavior is totally ridiculous. So you have nothing to fear from this individual, since the image he/she wishes to project (of him/herself) does not reflect reality at all. Here it is a matter of a stupid and incompetent person, so your best strategy toward him/her is to simply ignore him/her and to go about your way without becoming preoccupied with him/her. Itís useless to try to teach him a lesson, for he/she isnít worth the effort and you really shouldnít waste your precious time with him/her.

Your memories store a past that has left painful tracks. It takes you awhile to forget an incident that seriously injured you. One person has left a very deep impression on your life that still haunts you with regularity. Your spirits appear strong, but thatís because you hide the truth. Your hurt is much larger than you lead others to believe. Often you are afraid of not achieving your goals, which keeps you from fully enjoying some good things in life. A gust of freedom is now blowing toward you and everything suggests that, following your recent efforts, you will be freed once and for all from that memory which haunts you. Fate will intervene and clear malicious people from your path. Your entourage will change, but in a way that will be clearly more beneficial to you. Some upcoming events will be remarkable and will considerably change your prospects. A large shake-up will be favorable to you.

A woman is demonstrating a very strong maternal instinct towards you. This womanís main attributes are her fertility and creativity. She is drawn to nature and the arts. Her beauty is plain for all to see, both physically and within the most hidden depths of her personality. She wants to protect you from a worrying situation that may jeopardise the harmony of your love life. You are convinced she is wrong but she is right. You must listen to her. Her life experience does not fail her and she is in a position to be able to guide you in the face of a questionable path on which you are about to get stuck. Even though she seems to be over-protecting you as if you were a child, she is not wrong to do so since you are currently proving to be very vulnerable in the face of the events in which you are currently involved.
You are preparing for travel, a journey that has been planned for several months now, and you are taking meticulous care to plan everything down to the smallest details. In a sense, or in part, this journey will represent a pilgrimage that you have longed to make for a long time. It will offer you the chance and the opportunity to take on challenges that promise enticing future benefits. A woman somewhat younger than yourself will be involved in this adventure. Your interactions with her are set to be positive and will play a determining role in its unfolding. You do not know her well, but she knows you better. She is a Capricorn with highly developed artistic gifts. Key words: air, intrigue, music, beauty, enjoyable activities, giving in, similar, Friday morning, month of June.

The love that a person has for you is faithful and undeniable. This love can go over oceans and mountains. This is a person who is quite young and that lives in your neighbourhood. He/she talks a lot and he/she often embarrasses him/herself by telling you anything with the goal of impressing you. This person is both fiery and courteous at the same time. He/she would very much want you to pay him/her more attention but your aspirations in love are elsewhere. This often makes him/her jealous and impatient. He/she would like to reprimand you for loving the bad person but he/she knows that there are limits that cannot be crossed with you. This person is going to try a new approach with the goal of attracting your attention once again. This will be an audacious initiative and, seeing the vastness of his/her emotional investment, it risks making him/her suffer excessively if your reaction is negative. This person is persevering and you will be very surprised by his/her gesture. Therefore, you will have to choose between intransigence and compromise. This is a delicate context and the role of each one is not well defined. Harmony and hurt are mixed so the whole truth will not be told.

You have to make something. It will be an object or an artistic work which will have for you a high sentimental value and that will become immortal (which will long outlive you). To create it, you will have to use precious materials that are very symbolic for you. Your work will also induce respect because it will have a spiritual value which will transcend the reality of the contemporary world in which we live in. Its mystical character will be clearly established, and for many people, after your death, it will allow a contact or communication with the afterlife. This is about interactivity with an actual entity of the afterlife: a real being (angel or deity) or a specific phenomenon that is attributed to this being.
An old problem on the social level (or distant familial level) with a woman (1) barely older than yourself is rearing up in a chronic and dissapointing manner (a discouraging or demoralizing problem.) This woman is not sincere with you. She lies to you constantly and makes you work (expend energy or deploy uncessary physical or mental efforts) constantly, because of her lies and her negative attitude. Strangely, her acts will lead you to get to know somebody new (another woman). This woman (2) has as her special qualities her great manual ability and an exceptional aptitude in a high level artistic domain. Her know-how on the human level will be beneficient to you and an action that she will take will help you greatly. She (2) will intervene in order to give (or to provide) a service to the first woman (1) and she will help you to better manage your problem with her (1). Here, we are talking about a positive interference by the second woman, which will improve in a very significant manner your preexisting relation with the first one. You will develop a very good friendship with this new woman (2) and you will see each other again frequently. With time, your situation will take you to have an increasingly close relationship, such that a very great friendship is bound to arise between you two. This woman (2) will be very supportive on the personal level, and as such, you should accept her help from the start, even if it might seem inappropriate at this time.

A difference of opinions, thoughts or desires will create a frustration with a person who is in love with you. This disagreement lies at a flow of money. This person is not officially (or legitimately) related to you, but he/she is active in your intimate circle and he/she is known by all members of your family. This is a person who is kind and charming. However, as he/she has always been financially independent, he/she is often adamant about everything related to money. As a result, when he/she is upset, he/she can quickly become authoritative and not accept any wrongdoing. You'll have to be very clever in your strategy to convince him/her about a project or an initiative that you have in mind. Your determination will not be sufficient to assert your views, because this person is really stubborn. However, there is a smart way to approach (or influence) this person. You know what you have to do in order to ensure that your disagreement turns in your favor, but you also know that to achieve this you will have to make a deal that is not very nice (or is more or less against the values that you defend). Unfortunately you will not get something for nothing, so get ready to do this famous compromise, because it is inevitable.

Cutting discussions are to come. Be careful not to trust othersí opinions or ideas because your own perception of things is often best. A person will try to convince you to act like they do, and will do so very aggressively. Donít let yourself be intimidated because this person doesnít have the analytical ability you have. It doesnít matter what the arguments will be, you will be right and you mustnít give in to their threats. It is very probable that youíll have to act out a role in order for this discussion not to escalate. If this is the case, donít hesitate to do so and you will avoid great problems.

You are currently threatened by a stress which comes from your immediate environment. Your actions and your thought are often forced or provoked, and have a tendency to distance you from the emotional condition which is your own and normally manages your behavior, your reactions and your good humor effectively and logically. Your reflexes are a bit too quick and are sometimes even completely perilous. This emotional pressure you are experiencing could harm you considerably in your interpersonal relations if you donít find the means or the energy to free yourself from it or at least to tame it. This stress is really heavy to bear and it is clear that you must absolutely be able to master it. A great accumulation of small harassing details could end up having a very harmful effect on you in the long term if you donít make a change in your attitude in the short term. In any event, you will have to take care not to injure certain persons who are dear to you because if your reactions continue to be badly handled or badly contained, you will inevitably end up offending friends or people whom you really do not wish to harm.

The route you are on is good and your projects are viable. Your actions will bear fruit. A priceless desire in the social sphere will be achieved thanks to your perseverance and hard work. Here, a ship leaves on a long journey. You are aboard this ship and you are accompanied by a woman. This woman is younger than you and she seems to serve as your guide, interpreter or something similar. You do not make this trip because of her, but her presence is constant. Consequently, you will become friends. What is special between the two of you is that you will both be witnessing an extraordinary phenomenon (marvellous or supernatural). In fact, your trip is associated with a personal pilgrimage you wish to make and one that will lead you to meeting (or seeing) a person who has attained a very high level of spirituality. You want to learn from this person, but your learning will begin on board the ship, even before you arrive at your destination. Presumably, it is a spirit (angel or other) that guides you through this woman, or else this woman is herself an embodied spirit. For this reason, you will never see her again, but you will remain affected by the experience you had together. Here, the ship is of a symbolic nature, but the symbolism is very strong. Once on board, you cannot leave and you have to entrust your life to the captain and his crew. The ship, then, is not necessarily real, but the message is inescapable. Also, this ship is very large and there is a crowd, which is the community in which you live. You will, therefore, attain wisdom within your community and many will entrust you with their lives, as if you too were a ship's captain. You are, then, somebody who devotes themselves to others. You allow certain people to avoid sinking into nothingness (the ocean), and you will save lives. In time, you will make an impression on the imaginations of people and upon your death you will become a myth.
You will find common ground with a person opposed to one of your projects. This person is a woman somewhat younger than you. She holds an opinion contrary to yours in terms of a financial transaction. She is associated with you on the professional level. It is probably a colleague at work, or a very good friend with whom you entertain a business relationship on a regular basis. Your affective relationship is sincere, and you share the same level of spiritual evolution. As a rule, she has confidence in you and she takes a lot of motivation from you. This time, however, she is in complete disagreement with you and she has decided to stop you in your endeavours. She is stubborn; therefore you will have to be perceptive vis-ŗ-vis her. Whatever it is all about, you are fortunate, as this women is about to commit a decisive error. Her mistake will prove you right. You will also benefit from the support of an influential person during the conclusion of this business matter.

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