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Denis Lapierre

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You will run into a longtime friend during an outing or a journey you will make. This friend is a woman who is appealing in her beauty and the great attraction she causes with men. She also attracts attention by her open-mindedness and her great generosity at the civic or humanitarian level. At this meeting, she will tell you a surprising secret about a man you think you know well, but who in reality is hiding a disturbing, even threatening personality. Her words will try to convince you to distrust him. Following this, many things will change in your thoughts. You will even go so far as to question your relationship with this man. It is very likely that you are being fooled about this manís honesty or integrity, a man you trust greatly. It is clear that you will change how you are and act around this person, because you will learn that this man is showing great hypocrisy despite the benevolent appearance of his actions and his words.

A woman in your professional circle will try to betray you to take better advantage of you. Be careful not to trust too much in a woman you know only a bit or from whom you have uncertain support. This woman is only attracted by material possessions. On the human level, she is an insensitive and disloyal person. Her interests are only oriented toward strong or influential people, regardless of their kindness or meanness toward others. Even if she has an endearing personal approach, her words have no value. This woman would not hesitate to reject her own parents in order to climb higher socially. Her ambitions are great and her honesty is highly doubtful. Her submission to earthly goods may easily lead her to crush those around her. Her monetary gains have always had more value to her than the friendship she has for her close friends. So, be wary of her. You must abstain from divulging information to her that she might use against you, especially on the personal level, and in particular if there are profits to made from it.

You have to be strategic about your love life. You are facing an unfavourable situation and it is creating doubt in your mind. Itís a question of someone on whom you base high hopes. Although currently the situation leads to more complications than opportunities, the emotional bond you have with this person is important and deserves to be maintained and developed to its full potential. In fact, you have to realize that this person is not trying to push you away at all. He/she would like as much as you that everything happens differently in order to spend more time with you. There is no doubt that there is a very strong emotional attachment between you two, but for now you will have to be patient. Fear not, because this person is really sincere with you. Above all, you must not rush anything, because that would be awkward. A true passion is ready to be born (or resume) between you two, but first you must learn to appreciate the present moment. As every little detail counts, you must improvise less and focus more on what you say and what you do. For now, be patient and understanding, because the time is not yet right for great undertakings. You will get what you want, but only if you act wisely.
Your situation is gradually becoming clearer day by day with an individual of the opposite sex who is about the same age as you. This individual comes from the close circle of a friend and he/she has the downside (in a more or less concealed way) of his/her meanness and ruthless (sometimes even cruel) acts. In love, he/she is excessively disdainful and during conversations with friends, he/she often shows a very disturbing degree of cynicism. You should think of a new way to be with this individual, since he/she has succeeded in having an unhealthy hold on you. Your way of acting in his/her presence makes you vulnerable to his/her power of seduction and personal ambitions such that this individual hasnít the slightest hesitation about using his/her assets, both physical and psychological (beauty, sex-appeal, emotional blackmail) to dominate and manipulate you. He/she knows exactly how to charm you with small gestures or little subtle words and he/she abuses his/her power over you to an outrageous degree. This individual is far from sincere; so donít let yourself be lulled by his/her false tenderness toward you. Yes, he/she certainly wants to get something from you (you have to find out what), but this has nothing to do with love or affection, even if his/her actions seem to shamelessly suggest otherwise.

A major turning point or a significant financial step is predicted in your life and this will allow you to contemplate some challenges of great scope. You will attain solid financial stability and a level of comfort of which one can only dream. These investments (important or strategic) which you will make will be the source of it. You will climb some impressive steps and your level in the social hierarchy will clearly be superior to that where you are presently. But be careful, wisdom must govern your life. Your expenses and investments must be sensible and reasonable, because you will not have the right to extravagances or eccentricities in order to succeed in this manner. These are the conditions posed for you by destiny and you must respect them; if not, you will quickly experience great losses of your gains. Negligence will not be acceptable, because it can lead to the definitive cancellation of your ascent. Prestige will offered to you, but you will have to deserve it and maintain it. Some very great opportunities will rise before you, but you will have to be able to account for your actions at every moment. Your maturity will be rewarded though it will have to be the master of your life at all times. You must never cheat, or ruin will await you.

You are attracted by two entirely different people who are incompatible themselves. It is vital that you prioritize your actions in a way that allows you to focus solely on one of them, and not both at the same time. Continuing to try and simultaneously come back to or satisfy these two people will lead your straight into certain failure in your personal life. You need to reflect on the situation, otherwise it will not be possible to have emotional stability in your life. You need to exercise discernment, because at the moment you are portraying yourself as someone who lacks judgment. Understand then that you must act soon, because before too long it will be your immaturity that will be the topic of discussions.
A naive and reckless person is madly in love with you. This person is terribly attracted to you and looks for you wherever he/she can. You have already met up with him/her and he/she has already let you know of his/her desire for you. This person has a very attractive appearance and the desire to have intimate relations with him/her has even already crossed your mind. Moreover, it is also possible that you have already had intimate relations with him/her. A possible prolonged relationship that you might have with this person, even if it has a magical and wonderful appearance, hides a complication that is extremely difficult to overcome. You could have exceptional happiness with this person, but it will only be short term. A major challenge will hinder your connection and promises will not be able to be kept.

A young man is inflicting harm on you and is detrimental for you at the financial level. You'll have to stop allowing yourself to be manipulated by him and demonstrate a greater degree of independence towards his constant requests. This young man is jealous of what you own and he's looking to take advantage of you and/or your assets. It is absolutely necessary for you to control your life well and not allow yourself to be manipulated by people who are constantly looking to live at the expense of others. Your goodwill towards the most helpless makes you vulnerable to abuse and it's obvious that you'll have to learn to better select the people who truly need your help and/or protection. This young man has true artistic talents and is physically able of accomplishing very good work. He has manual know-how that could bring him a lot. Therefore, he should get back to working. You'll have to show yourself as more intransigent towards him so he understands well that he's not your master and that you don't strictly have any obligations towards him. He has an active role to play in society and remaining dependent on you isn't how he'll end up doing something interesting with his life. His impulsiveness mustn't wait for you anymore. There are ways of doing things that you know well and that you could easily use in your relationship with him so as to make him reflect more about his situation. Don't be so sensible as this young man is putting up an act and you're well aware of this.

Your social activities reassure you in your relationships with others. You attract looks towards you and the people you rub shoulders with envy you. You have good affinity with your loved ones and this is very favourable to you. On the other hand, this notoriety has a price and that's jealousy. A man between the ages of 46 and 55 (or very close) would like you to have less prestige. This bothers him since you're the protector of a woman he's in love with and whom, despite everything, he bullies. This man is insensitive and stubborn. Despite his lack of judgment and compassion, he's financially comfortable and he's very respected in his environment (professional or business). He continually works to limit the privileges of the woman he loves since they go against his personal projects and his vision of a marriage relationship that is based primarily on the dominance of the man (him) over the woman. This woman is (for you) a distant friend that you admire. You have a shared past that drove you to become great friends and that has given you lots of pleasure. You love the same things but the years have separated you. The man mentioned here is trying to lessen you in the eyes of your friend and will try (unsuccessfully) to undermine your good reputation. Don't be too alarmed by his actions since your social position is solid and difficult to shake, especially for him.
Your social relationships are evolving. They are increasingly rewarding and gratifying. People appreciate you more and more for what you are (a kind soul), rather than what youíve succeeded in doing up till now. In other words, your relationship with others does not depend on appearances, as it did before, but on what you represent in peopleís hearts. Youíre becoming a person that others admire and will admire even more over the years. More specifically, a woman is currently seeking to be loved by you, because she understands that you are a very enriching person on a human level. Regarding a personal path in life, she thinks you have a lot to bring her (wisdom), and she wants to be inspired by you. She is a stubborn woman, but brilliant. Even though it doesnít appear so at all for now, she has an amazingly promising future (professionally). You do not know her very well for now, but soon you will learn to be acquainted with her. This woman is obstinate, but she is generous (in every sense of the term) and has great qualities. An incomparable friendship between the two of you is about to see the light of day. To remember: This woman is called to become a celebrity or a public figure who will have much influence (socially) in the future.

A (socially) prohibited amorous atmosphere is developing between a young person and you. You have professional or social relations with a young person, and even if you have not necessarily noticed it, this young person has an attachment to you that is intensifying and that is growing. This is someone who is clearly younger than you but who, however, is of a sufficiently mature age to think of having a romantic relationship with you. In the current context, this romance is inappropriate, and as such you will have to (without precipitating anything) have a frank and sincere conversation with him/her. Already, gossip has begun to circulate about your relationship with him/her, so you will have to manage the situation well in order for it not to worsen. Of course, you are not insensitive to the romantic feelings that this young person can have towards you, but you have a good conscience and you will do the right thing. The situation is certainly delicate, but it is better to act quickly before a dependency is born between you and him.

A young woman is looking to intimidate you. This is a young woman who does not have a car, and who almost never rides on motor vehicles, unless they consist of public transport (bus, metro, train, etc.). This is someone whom you consider a friend, but is she really one? This young woman is of foreign origin and she has a different culture from yours, especially on a spiritual level. In this sense, she seems to be very attracted to the occult. She is probably a fan of a kind of voodoo or some sort of sorcery. You seem to have done something that displeases her greatly, and she feels betrayed by you. This young woman frees herself from her frustration or her anger through occult rituals. The idea that she might be a member of a cult cannot be excluded, but this is not necessarily the case, as she can absolutely do everything herself. What is surprising is that, deep within herself, she doesn't really want to hurt you, but just to make you change your attitude regarding something. She seems to want to see you take a completely different direction in an activity that you have, because what you are doing is (in her eyes) wrong. So, her goal is to scare you, and this happens through black magic rituals that you are not aware of. However, you do not have to worry about any unfortunate events happening from her hands, as her efforts to scare you will not result in anything concrete. As such, if you decided to use your personal initiative to learn more about this young woman, it would certainly not be a bad idea, because more often than not, she feels abandoned or excluded by others.

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Denis Lapierre (4) Copyright © 2014

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